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DOT halts left turns from parking lot
Richmond Hill police offering warnings for limited time only
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South Bryan residents who normally turn left onto Highway 144 to exit the Kroger parking lot should find an alternative route.
According to Maj. Michael Albritton with the Richmond Hill Police Department, left turns from the parking lot are now prohibited after a decision from the Georgia Department of Transportation.
He said the change came from the Georgia DOT because of the multiple accidents that occurred there from people turning left across the highway.
Georgia DOT Communications Officer Jill Nagel said in an email Tuesday the modifications were made after being contacted by the city.
“We were contacted by the city of Richmond Hill to review the location to improve safety and operation (at Highway 144 and Forest Street),” Nagel said.
Nagel added the modifications were made to that location in cooperation with Kroger.
“In an effort to reduce left turn and angle collisions, it is the intent to divert traffic to the signal at the intersection of Rushing Street, which was installed in conjunction with the Kroger development,” Nagel said.
Albritton said drivers should easily be able to recognize the changes.
“It’s quite obvious — there is a big sign that says ‘no left turn’ and the area is striped in yellow with little bumpers,” he said.
He said so far, quite a few drivers have been violating the turn. For now officers are only issuing warnings for making left turns out of the development. But he said after a few weeks, officers will begin to issue citations.
“There have been a lot of people violating the turn, going ahead and doing what they’re used to, but I’m sure after a few paying citations they’ll stop,” Albritton said.

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