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Dog leaves calling card, repeatedly
Richmond Hill Police blotter
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Matter of record, May 22 – When Officer Paul Carter responded to a nuisance animal call on Sandpiper Drive, he was told by the complainant that “the dog belonging to the neighbor behind him climbs the fence and comes into his yard.”
That wasn’t all. The dog also left a certain calling card for the man, according to the police report. “(Complainant) stated the dog defecates and makes a mess in his yard. (Complainant) stated the dog has done this three times today and once yesterday.”
The complainant told Carter the dog may have been on its own for a few days and didn’t want to press charges against the owner, just wanted to have the matter recorded.
The officer tried to get in touch with the owners, but had no luck. In the meantime, “(complainant) came around the corner of the yard with the animal in question as the dog had again climbed over the fence.”
Carter tried once more to get in touch with the dog’s owner, but had no luck.

Theft by taking
May 23 –
A Miner Drive woman reported her four wheeler was stolen. It is described as a green and black Honda 350 Rancher with “missing rivets on the left side plastic fairing and oversized tires. (The woman) also stated that an electric winch had just been removed from the front and was noticeable.”
Reporting Officer Robert Linton found tracks leading to a ditch behind her home. He also canvassed the neighborhood but came up empty. The woman said she will prosecute if police are able to find the thief.

Matter of record
May 19 –
Things could have turned out worse when Cpl. Jonathan Zirpolo was sent to Saw Mill Plaza around 8 a.m. in response to a possible gas leak  Once there, he met with firefighters, who were able to determine the leak was coming from Mr. Pizza.
The store’s owner got to the restaurant and got into the building. “Further investigation revealed that one of the employees had left one of the ovens active. The oven was turned off and the building was ventilated.” And no one was hurt.
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