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Divorcing couple fight over cable boxes
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:

Unlawful dumping: A South Bryan couple reported Friday they saw someone dump what appeared to be the skinned carcass of a dog near their property off Wicklow Drive.

The couple said they had photos of the animal and showed some to the deputy, and promised to send them to him, but hadn’t when he filed the report. A search of tax records showed the property where the carcass was dumped belongs to Terrapointe.

The case is under investigation.

Matter of record: On Feb. 9, a Brunswick man went to BCSD because his granddaughters told him they were afraid of their stepfather, "even though he has never hit them. They told him (the stepfather) had shot mommy with a BB gun. The girls then showed the grandparents the family pictures throughout the home that had been shot with a BB gun. (Complainant) took pictures of the pictures on his cell phone."

The deputy looked at the photos, then advised the man to speak to his daughter "and assess what was happening in the home and if she was in need of their help."

Verbal dispute: A deputy was sent to a Chastain Drive residence on Feb. 8 "in reference to a physical domestic disturbance," only to find the "incident was not physical."

What it was, was a "heated verbal dispute over cable boxes."

"The two are in the process of a divorce," the report continued, noting two more deputies showed up to help referee. The husband told his side of the story first, noting "he received an email that his wife was canceling their television service. Therefore (he) placed a passcode on all of the pay-per-view channels and movie channels, to prevent her from buying channels. (He) said his wife had taken his cable box from him. In retaliation, while she was bathing, he took her cable box from the bathroom."

It didn’t end there. "(He) was inside his room with their 7-year-old daughter when (the wife) came into the room. He said his wife dismantled the television from its stand and yanked the cable box from the input on the wall. (He) said it was time to separate and call 911. (He) said there was not a physical dispute."

The wife told deputies this: "Yesterday, her husband put controls (passwords) on all the televisions unless the station was G-rated. (She) returned home from work and said she was going to discontinue their cable service. She said her husband received an email and stopped her from disconnecting the service. (She) said her husband began ripping the cable box from the television. She said her husband began calling someone before contacting 911. (She) said there was not a physical altercation, only a verbal dispute in front of their 7-year-old daughter."

Deputies offered a solution, suggesting someone leave the home for the night. Eventually, the husband did. Both were given the case number.

Burglary: A deputy was sent Feb. 17 to a Stubbs Lane address where he met with a real estate agent who said "she just showed this home yesterday in order to (sell) and everything seemed intact," a report said. "(She) said when she arrived this morning she noticed the (large) wood burning stove in the living room was gone and that somebody forced their way into the home at the back door."

The deputy found where the house had been broken into.

Criminal trespass: A Harris Trail woman woman reported Feb. 17 that her "live-in" boyfriend took her car without her permission. The woman said he took it the night before and drove to the Publix, then accidentally locked the keys in the car. "She stated (her boyfriend) broke the left rear window of her vehicle to re-enter the vehicle."

The woman said she and her boyfriend have been together for four years and she’s let him use the car before, but this was the first time he broke a window to get into it.

The boyfriend was at work when the deputy was there. The deputy referred the girlfriend to magistrate court.

Unlawful calls: From a Feb. 19 report, comes this one regarding a Pembroke man who wouldn’t quit while he was ahead. "On this date and time, deputies were dispatched to the offender’s residence in reference to his brother is trying to shoot him. The offender made no statement about his brother trying to shoot him. The offender stated his brother was in the attic and he could hear his brother’s phone vibrating up in the attic when he called his phone. The offender has made four previous 911 calls (Feb. 18 at 11:41 p.m.; 12:24 a.m., Feb. 19; 1:17 a.m., Feb. 19 and 2:27 a.m. Feb. 19). These calls were ranging from suspicious vehicles, someone banging on the back door, can hear voices through the door knob, 911 hangup call and brother trying to shoot him. Deputies were stationed across the road from residence during this time. All calls were unfounded, and no criminal activities were observed by deputies. The offender was warned that if another unfounded call was made, he would be arrested and charged with unlawful conduct during a 911 call by making false reports. The offender was placed into custody ….."

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