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'Disoriented' McDonald's customer allegedly falls
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Theft by taking

Jan. 16 – A Subway employee filed a complaint against one of her ex-employees who had been terminated two days prior to the report. The complainant said her employee reportedly gave away three foot long meal deals, pizza, cookies and another 6" sub. She said they have been trying to contact the woman, but have been unsuccessful. The officer asked for video and the woman said she would make a copy of it for him, providing additional information by Jan. 17.


Matter of record

Jan. 18 – McDonald’s on Hwy. 17 requested EMS after a customer allegedly fell outside the store. The manager said he wanted the accident documented.

The customer, while being checked by EMS, was questioned by the officer. The man said he had lost his footing on the curb outside and injured his left forearm, right knee and pinky finger. He declined EMS transport. He pointed out two areas where he had fallen, but changed it to just one after saying he has only fallen once, saying he was disoriented, the report said. The man also requested a copy of the EMS refusal documentation.


Criminal damage

Jan. 14 – A Young Way resident said someone entered a construction site and cut the wiring in the attic. The man estimated the total damage to be about $7,000. The property was last seen on Jan. 10 in good condition and found damaged on the date of the report by the electrician. The man said he didn’t know who would’ve done it. The report said there was no collectable evidence and the man was given a case number.


Simple battery

Jan. 14 – A woman at the Travelodge reported a domestic dispute after she got into an altercation with a Savannah resident. The man allegedly struck the woman in the head and grabbed her arm. The officer noted he could feel a lump on the woman’s head but noted it was not a clear indication of a physical altercation and noted there were no marks on her arm. The man said the woman slammed his hand in the hotel room door, but the report noted no visible marks. The officer explained the warrant process to both of them and gave them a case number. The officer stood by while they gathered their property and left the hotel.


Matter of record

Jan. 15 – A man filed a report at the station, saying he had bought a vehicle from Coastal Chevrolet in Savannah for the alleged offender. He said the suspect hasn’t made a single payment since the vehicle was purchased in 2006, which he bought for her because her family and she are victims of Hurricane Katrina. The man was given a case number and told to contact the Magistrate.


Theft by taking

Jan. 14 – Truck Stop of America reported theft of diesel fuel after a suspect entered the store to purchase fuel for his tractor trailer. The complainant said the man put a Freight Capital fuel card on the counter and walked back out to his truck. The complainant said the man had already left the scene before the fuel card displayed a failed transaction. When asked as to why the man had waited a week to contact authorities, he said he had attempted to contact RDN Vanlines, the company name on the fuel card, to collect payment. The officer told the man to get a copy of the report and hen consult the Magistrate.



Jan. 17 – Dixie Outfitters reported a shoplifting incident who said while they were closing on Jan. 15, several hangers on a t-shirt rack were found empty. When inventory was done, four shirts, one pair of sandals and a baseball cap were found missing. She said she reviewed her video and saw a white male, female and juvenile boy involved in the shoplifting. The officer also watched the video and saw a white man being very fidgety in demeanor, making movements as if stuffing items in the front and rear of his pants, the report said. The woman said the offenders were driving a tan Jeep Cherokee with tags from Chatham County.


Miscellaneous complaint

Jan. 17 – At 7:30 a.m., police were dispatched to the EconoLodge in reference to a possibly suspicious person sitting in the main lobby. When the officer arrived, she said she was waiting for a taxi that she had called. The officer took her information which came back with no warrants. The clerk at the motel said the woman had not placed a call to the taxi company. Another officer arrived a short time alter and the woman allegedly told him she wanted to go to Memorial Health for an evaluation. He asked her if she wanted to harm herself, which she said no. The officer took the woman to the hospital and talked the ER personnel about the woman’s request for an evaluation. She was asked to sign in and the officer left.

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