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Deputy gets tasered during scuffle, is unharmed
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Cocaine possession

Nov. 12 – During a search at Miles Trailer Park for a man who was allegedly in a fight at Clyde’s, they saw someone begin driving out the rear of the park. They stopped the man and asked him for ID, and while waiting for him to get it out, noticed a bag of white powdery substance in his lap, the report said. When the man went to reach for the glove box to get out his ID, "he noticed this item still in his lap. I advised the driver to put the vehicle in park and he did not respond but attempted to place the baggie in his pocket," the deputy’s report said.

The deputy told the man to put the vehicle in park again, but instead of complying, he attempted to speed away. One officer discharged his taser and accidentally also tased the reporting deputy. The driver sped down the driveway with the tasered deputy caught in the window for about 10 feet, until the deputy got loose and went to his patrol car to pursue. "The vehicle crashed out at the intersection of Harry Hagan Road and the driveway," the report said. While the man continued to flee on foot, he left behind the baggie and his ID. The deputy tested the substance positively as cocaine, the report said. The evidence was collected and the man’s identity put in for a warrant. The deputy was unharmed, according to the report.



Nov. 12 – A Harry Hagan Road resident reported a burglary after he noticed a light on in his father’s home, who actually resides in Richmond Hill. When he pulled in to check on the house, he noticed the side glass door was shattered, so he called police. While waiting, he checked around part of the residence and once police arrived and did a full search of the premises, found no one present. At least three rifles were missing, along with a Ducks Unlimited folding knife. Blood was found on the door area, right under the kitchen sink, and on the floor leading into the den. A detective was called and came out to investigate the scene.


Simple battery

Nov. 12 – An Ellabell woman reported that her nephew came to her home and kicked in a shed door that was locked. He was allegedly trying to get tools to fix his 4-wheeler. The woman said she tried to approach her nephew, but he slapped her, threw her to the ground and started beating her, the report said. All witnesses said they were present and helped break up the fight. The incident is reportedly one of many that have resulted from a family feud over a property settlement. The woman said she did not want to charge her nephew, but would go to the magistrate court if she changed her mind.


Obstruction of officers

Nov. 13 – While searching for a man with a warrant, a deputy noticed a green Ford F-150 that kept speeding up and slowing down. When the vehicle did pass the deputy, it was apparent there was no tag light. When the deputy put on his siren, the vehicle did not speed up but allegedly refused to stop. When an unmarked patrol vehicle attempted to get around the suspect, the man tried to sideswipe him and then reportedly sped up and went through a stop sign. After speeding into Chatham County, the man began to flee on foot. A search of the general area couldn’t find him, but did find the passenger of the vehicle, who was standing and pointing in the direction the man fled. "The (passenger) gladly told us who was driving and why he had ran in the first place. (He) advised that they had just bought drugs from the area where I had first encountered them and (the offender) did not want to go back to jail so he ran instead," the deputy’s report said. The drugs that had allegedly been thrown from the truck could not be found. A warrant on the driver has been reported.


Property damage

Nov. 12 – A Strathy Hall resident reported two unknown dogs entered his back yard and jumped into his covered pool. Their weight caused the pool cover to fall down, also causing tears in the cover. Animal Control came and evaluated the damage and found collars for the dogs in the back yard, which had no names or addresses on them. The report was turned over to Animal Control and detectives for further investigation. The liner was valued at $2,500.


Theft by taking

Nov. 14 – A woman reported her medication missing. She said she noticed almost all her prescription for 50 milligram Oxycodone pills gone. She returned home on Nov. 8 after giving childbirth and had 40 pills to start with. She said there were now only nine left. She gave police information about a man who was living at her residence and thinks he may have taken the pills because he had taken a few the previous weekend, hoping she wouldn’t notice.


Stolen gun

Nov. 11 – A Richmond Hill resident reported his Springfield Armory 1911 .45 caliber stainless steel pistol missing from his black Toyota Tundra. He gave the serial number to police, along with information about a potential suspect.


Damage to vehicle

Nov. 11 – Police were dispatched to the BP gas station off I-16 at Hwy. 280 in regard to a damaged vehicle. The complainant said a semi was in front of him when something came up and hit his hood and then bounced into the windshield of his vehicle. The complainant did not know what the object was or where it had come from, but there were dents in the hood and it had shattered the windshield.



Theft by taking

Nov. 8 – A Lou Page Road resident said someone went onto his property and cut and stole the installed copper wiring from his home that is currently under construction. The man said he estimates the cost of replacement and repairs to run about $1,000. A detective was notified and the man was told how to get a copy of the report.



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