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Crime reports for March 18
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The following reports are from the Richmond Hill Police Department:

March 8 — Shortly before 1:30 a.m., officers stopped a Hazard, Ky., man after he was seen swerving on Highway 17. The man smelled of alcohol and there were several beer cans on the passenger side floorboard. The man was unsteady on his feet and failed a field sobriety test.

Marijuana posession
March 7 — Officers stopped a Bloomingdale woman on Highway 144 around 6:30 p.m. after noticing she had her safety belt buckled behind her. While speaking with the woman, officers noticed she was very nervous and smelled of marijuana. Officers found marijuana in the front ash tray, rear ash tray, center console and driver door handle. The woman and another passenger were both arrested.

Public drunkenness
March 8 — Just before midnight, officers approached a woman and man walking in J.F. Gregory Park. The Savannah woman staggered as she walked and officers found two opened liquor bottles in the car. The woman smelled of alcohol and fell into her car when trying to get her license out.

Reckless driving
March 9 — Officers stopped and arrested an Arlington, Va., man on Interstate 95 around 8:30 a.m. after he was seen traveling 134 mph in a 70-mph speed zone.

The following reports are from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department:

March 3 — During a safety and license check on Highway 204 around 6 p.m., deputies smelled alcohol on a Claxton, Ga., man. He said he’d had a beer with dinner, but deputies found open cans of beer in his vehicle, one that was full and still cold. He was arrested.

Feb. 21 — Deputies responded around 10 a.m. to Stubbs Lane in Ellabell after aman reported several guns missing from his home and also prescription bottles of morphine and hydrocodone missing from his medicine cabinet.
March 8 — Deputies responded to Martin Drive in Ellabell around 6 p.m. after a man reported a Dewalt Drill and Driver combination set missing from his home, valued at $250.

Possession of meth
Feb. 27 — Just after midnight deputies noticed a vehicle parked at a known drug house on Tucker Road near Eldora Drive. Deputies suspected the vehicle was moving ingredients for the manufacture of meth, deputies followed the car and stopped the Ellabell driver. The man had 50 loose pseudoephedrine pills and nasal spray in his pocket. He admitted he was going to cook the pills to make meth.

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