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County Law Reports 7/14/07
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July 4 – A deputy patrolling Hwy. 144 near Belfast-Keller around 3:30 a.m. saw a car in front of him being driven erratically. The deputy eventually managed to pull the car over – the driver continued another three-tenths of a mile before stopping – and saw the driver and a passenger trade places. The deputy walked up to the car and smelled alcohol and, while trying to talk to the man in the driver’s seat, heard another man say "Me and my friends drink lots of beer" in broken English, the report said. The deputy saw an open case of Budweiser with several beers missing on the back seat and an open bottle behind the driver’s seat.

All of the men in the car said they spoke little English and no one had a driver’s license. They gave conflicting stories about who was driving so all were given field sobriety tests. The driver was finally identified and all three men were taken into custody. A search of the car yielded three open beer bottles and a check of the registration showed it was suspended and there was no insurance. The driver was informed of his implied consent rights and refused to cooperate, the report said. All three men were taken to Bryan County Jail.



June 30 – A Kilkenny Road man reported his home was burglarized between June 26 and the date of the report. The man said someone stole several guns from his gun safe and several pieces of jewelry also were missing. The case is under investigation.



July 1 – A Woodland Way man said someone took the rims and tires off a car parked in their driveway. The man said the car was left on blocks and a jack was left behind. Turned over to detectives.



June 30 – The owner of a Blitchton grocery store reported that he saw a man put something down his pants. The owner said he approached the man and could smell alcohol. He said he confronted the man and grabbed the stolen item, which was a family pack of ribeye steaks. The man ran from the store and jumped into a white pickup driven by a woman wearing a tank top and a tattoo on one arm. The area was checked, but authorities came up empty.


Warrant service

June 26 – Deputies executing arrest warrants on a man and woman at a Cartertown Road address had to wait a while to get in because no one would answer the door. But then two women left by the back door and let one of the deputies inside. He found two pistols in a bedroom and they were unloaded and placed in the trunk of a second deputy’s patrol car. The two deputies then searched for the wanted man and woman but had no luck until a deputy noticed one of the closets was shorter than the hallway connected to it and the rear wall of the closet wasn’t attached to anything. The pair were found hiding in the space and arrested. A search of one of the suspect’s bedrooms "produced several handguns, jewelry and car keys that went to (a) vehicle the subjects had stolen …" the report said. They were taken to jail.



July 2 – A Richmond Hill woman reported her "soon to be ex husband" had accessed her bank account and used her money to pay his bills, a report said. She told the deputy the man wasn’t authorized access to her account but had gotten one of her statements and used information on it to pay his bills online. She had already changed her accounts and wanted a report so she could get reimbursed.


Damage to property

July 1 – A Richmond Hill man reported that at some point between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., someone toilet-papered his home and "threw miscellaneous food products out in his yard, front porch and on his vehicles," the incident report said. Words were painted on one vehicle window and tampons dyed red "with an unknown substance" had been strewn around the yard. The man also told the reporting deputy that when he went to check the mailbox he found there were two dead fish inside with his mail.

The man said he wasn’t sure if the actions were directed at his daughter or his wife who directs a school. Some contracts hadn’t been renewed for the upcoming school year and the woman thought some of the students and a former teacher were upset about it. The deputy found a pair of white flip flops and green latex gloves.



June 30 – A man reported that at some point between June 23 and the date of the report someone broke into a Fancy Hall home by taking a chair from the back porch and using it to stand on while breaking into the rear kitchen window. The man was uncertain if anything was missing because the owner lives in Atlanta. Case turned over to detectives.


Criminal damage to property

June 30 – A woman with a Richmond Hill address reported her ex-husband came to her home and kicked dents in her Mercedes, took a cast iron planter and hit her house with it several times and then did donuts in her front yard. The woman said her ex husband called her at least 50 times on the date of the report and had gone to her home twice. The deputy noted the damage and referred the woman to the magistrate judge in reference to getting a warrant.



June 30 – A Fort McAllister Road woman reported someone took her purse from her car while it was parked unlocked in her carport. The purse contained approximately $400 in cash, credit cards, her birth certificate and driver’s license, she said. The case was forwarded to investigators.


Criminal trespass

June 16 – A deputy on Chastain Circle investigating a property damage complaint was approached by the complainant, who said someone had been in his house and stole a faucet and a broken light bulb was on the kitchen floor. The report also said the faucet was found at a different Chastain Circle address.


Disorderly conduct

July 1 – A deputy was sent to a Pembroke address regarding an intoxicated person acting out. The deputy’s report noted it was the second time he was sent to the residence. The first time, the offender was "out of control by slamming doors, turning off all the circuit breakers in the house, and getting physical with her parents (both victims)," the report said. The deputy told the offender to go to bed and she did. But one hour later the deputy was sent back to the same address because she’d gotten back up and started slamming doors and acting "very disorderly" all over again. The deputy arrested her and took her to jail.



July 1 – An Ellabell man was arrested for DUI after he was stopped around 1 a.m. at a checkpoint on Hwy. 204 near Toni Branch Road, smelled of alcohol and then tested positive on a field test and the state test at the jail. The man blew .159 on the test, the report said.


Pointing a gun at another

June 30 – An Ellabell man was arrested for pointing a gun at a woman. The man also was charged with criminal trespass and simple battery. All three were misdemeanor offenses, according to the report.



June 30 – An Ellabell man reported someone broke into his pond house at his Homestead Drive residence. A door had been pried open and there were several 4-wheeler trails in the woods behind the pond house. The man said he had problems in the past with kids, some of whom fished his pond and others who damaged his property. Stolen were fishing poles, tackle bocks and a deep sea rod and reel.


June 30 – A woman reported she was in the process of fixing up a place on Homestead Drive in Ellabell to move in to. The woman said she had just gotten the place from her parents and hadn’t been there since June 28, but when she returned she found someone had broken out the back door window. Missing was a small freezer and two lawn mowers.



June 30 – A deputy on routine patrol on I-16 reported the following: "I observed a white male driving a gray 4 wheeler east bound on I-16 in the right hand lane of traffic."

The deputy crossed the medium and, after about a mile, caught up with the man around mile marker 145 and hit his blue lights.

"The 4 wheeler pulled of the interstate into the grass and stopped. When I approached the driver ... I asked him why he was driving his 4 wheeler on the interstate, he stated that he was going to his girlfriend's," the report said.

The deputy asked the man if he had a license. The man said he didn’t. The deputy checked and learned the man’s license as suspended, so the man was arrested for driving on a suspended license. The deputy then searched the man to make sure he didn’t have any weapons and found a "plastic bag in his right pocket which contained a green leafy substance less than 1 (ounce)" the report said.

The man was charged with that and given an additional citation for driving an ATV on the right of way. A wrecker picked up the four wheeler.


Damage to property

June 29 – This also from I-16. A deputy was sent to the interstate near mile marker 143 regarding damage to a vehicle. The complainant told him she was driving east when the vehicle in front of her some rubber on the road. It flew up and hit her front windshield, causing it to crack, the report said, before noting "the two parties were related and following each other to a family reunion."


June 22 – This one, too, from I-16 near mile marker 146. A deputy on patrol was told by dispatch to look out for a green pickup heading east from Bulloch County. The pickup was reportedly all over the road and following a semi very closely. The deputy spotted the pickup near mile marker 143 and saw it was "right on the back of the semi, it was also all over the roadway, not able to maintain its lane," the report said.

The deputy turned on his blue lights and tried to make a traffic stop. The driver of the pickup finally pulled over at the 146 mile marker.

The deputy asked the driver for her license and the woman said it had been suspended for child support. The deputy smelled alcohol on the woman and the woman said she’d had two beers, then failed a field sobriety test.

"She was very unstable on her feet and her speech was slow," the report said. "No other tests were done due to traffic conditions." The woman was put under arrest and read the implied consent notice. "She stated she would not take the test," the deputy reported. "She was very loud and cursing me all the way to the jail. I ran her through GCIC and her license was suspended several times … She stated I needed to be out catching real criminals." The woman was charged with DUI refusal, following to close and a lane violation.

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