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Complainant comes home to find man lying in his driveway
Richmond Hill
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Oct. 2 – A man was pulled over after allegedly being clocked at 73 in a 45 m.p.h. zone on Hwy. 17 near Harris Trail.

The silver Chrysler Cross Fire passed the officer and then made "an erratic left turn onto Piercefield Dr. at a high rate of speed." It was then pulled over after additionally running a stop sign on Piercefield Drive.

When talking to the driver, the officer reported it appeared as though the man had been drinking.

The driver said he had stopped drinking about an hour before driving, and agreed to take the field sobriety test.

The man allegedly failed them one by one, and improperly counted during the one leg stand test. The Breathalyzer came back as a .148. The man was arrested and booked at the station.



Oct. 6 – A woman reported receiving telephone calls at her home and office from an unknown man accusing her of having an affair. The last call, on Oct. 6, was to her husband. The caller began describing specifics about the woman, insinuated she was having an affair with a co-worker, and became verbally combative with her husband.

The woman said she had also been getting calls at work, and her supervisor also got a call. She said the calls usually consist of derogatory comments and describe the events in her day, including what she’s wearing.

The complainant said she originally ignored them, hoping they would stop. Now, she said she has become fearful that they will escalate into a personal confrontation. She said the caller could be an employee of her job, or an associate of an employee. She signed the Call Trace Request form and was given a case number.


Entering auto

Oct. 1 – Several items were stolen from a local resident, after he left them in a friend’s truck.

The man said he had left Ft. Stewart, where he is stationed, with several items loaded into a friend’s truck, including: a TV, Play Station 3, Play Station Portable, X-Box 360, a DVD player, an I-Pod, 10 video games, one controller and a laptop. The man said he loaded all items into two bins, and brought them off base because he didn’t want to leave them at Ft. Stewart. When he arrived at Osprey Drive, the bins were gone.

The complainant said he had stopped at the Sonic in Hinesville and AutoZone in Richmond Hill and was unsure where the theft took place. He estimated the loss to be about $12,000.


Harassing phone calls

Oct. 5 – A man arrived at the department to report some harassing phone calls he had received two days prior.

He also had a report from Oct. 2 from the Savannah Chatham Metro Police Department which alleged the man’s son as being involved as a suspicious person in a complaint. In that report, the alleged victim told officers that the son had been following her and leaving pornographic material on her vehicle for the last year.

The complainant said his phone calls were from a woman describing herself at the victim’s sister, who told the man his son was sick and perverted, and "he must not have raised his son right," the report said.

The man said he felt threatened after the woman allegedly told him his son better leave her sister alone, or she would get her husband to go after his son. The man was concerned about how the woman had gotten a hold of his address and phone number.

The alleged victim was contacted by police, and refused to provide information, first saying she did not know who the officer was, or if he was even really an officer.

She was given the number of the station and asked to call back; she then said her sister had made the phone call but made no threats. A couple messages were left for the sister to call the police department, but nothing further had happened by Oct. 5.


Theft by taking

Oct. 5 – After a boy’s bike was stolen from his home in Sterling Creek the previous week, the Mongoose bicycle was returned. The woman said that bike was the third stolen in less than two months, so she had marked the frame to recognize it.

The woman said she saw a boy, about 13 years old, riding the bike and asked if she could look at it. The bike displayed the frame markings, the report said. The boy said his friend had given it to him, and fled the area while she called police. The boy could not be located.


Public drunkenness

Oct. 5 – Police were called out after a man was reported to be lying in Sandpiper Street at 10:40 p.m. When they arrived, there were several people standing in the road. One man was leaving the crowd, cursing and staggering, the report said. The man was told to sit on the curb and wait for police to assess what happened.

The complainant said he had arrived home and found the man lying in his driveway with his feet in the road.

When he tried to find out if the man had been hit by a car or was hurt, all the man did was curse at him. Other witnesses said the man was walking around when they saw him, and repeatedly cursed at them as well.

The officer returned to the man on the curb and asked for his ID. When it was determined that the man lived on Sandpiper Street, the officer said he would take him home.

"He became belligerent and uncooperative," the report said, and he was arrested for public drunkenness.

At the home the wife could not be located, and the man was taken to Bryan County Jail where he blew a .25 and .26.


From RHPD reports.



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