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Clerk tries to scam customer our of lotto winnings
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Oct. 20

Dirt bike on sidewalk — A Richmond Hill woman complained that a juvenile was riding a dirt bike up and down the sidewalks on Kelsall Drive.

The woman was concerned for the safety of small children who were playing in their yards as the boy rode the dirt bike through the neighborhood, according to the report. The rider reportedly said a police officer told him to ride on the sidewalk, but he didn’t know the officer’s name.

Oct. 18

Shot fired — A Richmond Hill couple reported that someone fired a gun while they were on their morning run.

The man and woman said that, as they approached the intersection of Cartertown and Clarktown roads around 6:40 a.m., a Jeep stopped at the stop sign. The passenger “got out and fired a shot, then left,” according to the report.

The couple did not know the color of the Jeep and could not provide any additional information. A BCSO deputy patrolled the area and did not find any shell casings or see anything unusual, the report states.

Oct. 17

Property damage — A window was smashed at B&B Package Shop on Highway 80 in Ellabell.

A window near the front door was shattered, according to the BCSO deputy who responded to the store’s alarm. Bars behind the window prevented entry into the building, the report states.

The owner surveyed the store and said nothing appeared to be missing. No other information was provided on a possible suspect or how the window might have been smashed.

Oct. 14

Hit-and-run — A woman reported that a driver left the scene after hitting her car in the Dollar General parking lot on Highway 280 in Ellabell.

The woman was inside the store when the passenger-side front end of her car was damaged, according to the report. A witness said two young women were inside the hit-and-run car, described as a white mid-2000s-model vehicle that was damaged on the driver’s-side front by the collision.

Oct. 13

Harassment — An Ellabell man complained that he and his family were being harassed by their landlord who lives next door on English Drive.

The man said he has seen “lasers and lights coming from (the landlord’s) yard towards his” and felt it was being done intentionally to harass him and his family, according to the report. He added that BCSO deputies previously had been called when the landlord kicked in the door of the trailer the family rents from him.

The landlord said he had been in bed and didn’t know what the renter was talking about, the report states. He told a BCSO deputy that he is evicting the family for failing to pay rent.

Oct. 9

Unruly person — A customer became hostile after potato cakes were missing from his order at the Arby’s restaurant on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill.

The man said that a cashier was rude to him when he pointed out the mistake, according to the report. The manager reportedly offered several times to fix the order, but the customer became increasingly angry and yelled at the manager to “give him his (expletive) money back.”

The manager told an RHPD officer that he “did not feel right” about giving the man back his $8.44 because he cursed at him. The officer suggested that the customer contact the Arby’s corporate office if he wants his money returned.

Property damage — A heavy-duty mailbox valued at approximately $450 was damaged in front of a home for sale on Dove Drake Lane in Richmond Hill.

A representative of the company selling the home said a group of children told him they had seen two juveniles hit the mailbox with a golf cart. Tire marks on the concrete supported that allegation, according to the report.

The man said he did not expect the culprits to be found since the home is in a golf-course community. An RHPD officer searched the area and did not see any damaged golf carts.

Oct. 8

Theft — A gas station clerk was caught trying to scam a customer out of a winning lottery ticket.

The customer attempted to cash in the ticket at the Sunoco on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill, where she had bought it, but the clerk told her it was not a winning ticket. The customer called police after the clerk said she could not legally return the ticket and had thrown it away, according to the report.

The store’s surveillance video showed that the clerk set the winning ticket aside after she scanned it and realized it was a winning ticket. She later admitted to police that she hid the ticket and planned to collect the winnings herself, the report states.

The customer agreed not to press charges if the clerk reimbursed her for the ticket, which the clerk had ripped in half. The clerk reportedly gave the woman $1,000, the amount she would have won.

Property damage — A Savannah man damaged two cars at a Richmond Hill apartment because he was upset that his ex-girlfriend is now seeing someone else.

The man broke the driver’s-side window of a car he and his ex-girlfriend jointly owned and emptied the car’s contents onto the ground, according to the report. In the process, he dented the passenger side of another car.

The man immediately offered to pay for the repairs once he realized he had damaged another car, the report states. He exchanged information with the owner of the car and they agreed to handle it as a civil matter.

Oct. 7

Shoplifting — A Richmond Hill man was caught trying to steal $23.70 worth of merchandise from the Kroger on Highway 144.

A store manager watched the man put cups of coffee and a bottle of vitamins in his pockets, according to the report. The manager stopped the would-be-thief before he could leave the store and kept him there until police arrived.

The man was given a citation but not arrested because he had no history of shoplifting, the report states. He said he was sorry and was banned from going to any Kroger.

Oct. 6

Unruly juvenile — A Richmond Hill mother called police because her daughter was misbehaving.

The mother grounded her daughter as punishment for misbehaving on the school bus, according to the report. The girl responded by throwing a temper tantrum and refusing to obey her mother.

An RHPD officer told the daughter that, if she continued acting that way, she could be placed in custody, and Juvenile Services could be called. The girl reportedly said she understood and changed her behavior.

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