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Car dispute, attempted theft leads to arrest
Crime reports for April 25
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The following is from reports provided by the Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department:

This one is just odd.
On April 7, an RHPD officer was sent to an apartment complex regarding a dispute over ownership of a car. There he learned a complainant saw a man look through the windows of her car and then try to open the door. The man told the woman — and police — that the car was his because his grandfather had bought it and another one parked next to it.
Police ran the tag numbers to both cars and neither came back as owned by the man’s grandfather, but it did verify the woman owned her car.
“In an attempt to clarify the situation,” one of the officers at the scene asked the man if his grandfather lived at the apartment complex. The man said yes and gave an apartment number and police went to the apartment, but no one answered the door.
In the meantime, the man said his grandfather owned a third vehicle parked in the area, and police checked it out but it also didn’t come back registered to the name the man had given as that of his grandfather.  
While officers were trying to sort this out, a woman showed up and went into the apartment where the man said his grandfather lived. She was asked if she recognized the man and “she did not. Furthermore, (the woman) advised that (neither) he nor his grandfather lived at her residence.”
The man was eventually arrested after some attempts to help him clear things up. Once he was read his rights, the man, who had a Pooler address, told police his grandfather had never lived at the apartment complex.
“I then asked (the man) what he was really doing with the vehicle. (He) stated that he was trying to take the vehicle because he did not want to walk. I clarified the question by asking that he did not want to walk home in the rain so he decided to take someone’s vehicle to get home? (He) confirmed my question by stating, ‘yes,’” the report said.

Criminal trespass
Seems you can’t trust anybody, these days.
On April 3, a BCSD deputy was sent to a South Bryan address regarding a theft. There, he met with the complainant, who said he’d taken a man fishing about three weeks ago.
“A few days later (complainant) noticed that two of his fishing poles were missing from his truck,” the report said. “(Complainant) stated that he did not give (offender) permission to borrow the poles. (Complainant) said that he already confronted (offender) about the missing fishing poles and one of them was immediately returned.”
But the offender then apparently tried to pull a fast one.
“Instead of giving him back the second pole (offender) attempted to give him back a fishing pole of a different make and model,” the report said.
The complainant was given a case number and told how to prosecute if he wished.
On April 12, deputies were sent to an Ellabell address regarding stolen property. There they met with the complainant, who said “that while she was in the hospital, she allowed (offender) to live in her residence because he did not have a house,” the report said. “(Complainant) then explained that he was supposed to keep up with the bills if he was living there.”
“When (complainant) arrived home today, she found out that (offender) did not pay any rent nor did he pay the electric bill, leaving her a debt of $2,000.”
Even worse, there was property missing and the offender apparently damaged one of her TVs, proving once again that no good deed goes unpunished.

Damage to property
On April 14, a deputy was sent to a South Bryan address where he spoke with a woman who “believes that a juvenile had shot out the rear window on her vehicle with a BB gun,” a report said.
The deputy reported the rear driver’s side window was busted out and he spotted a small hole in what was left of the glass.
Also on April 14 in South Bryan, deputies were sent to an address regarding a complaint of simple battery, which kind of makes one wonder if maybe the alleged offender had simply had enough.
“Upon our arrival, deputies spoke to the complainant/victim, who said an older white male, possibly between 30 and 40 years of age, pushed the complainant/victim off his four-wheeler and proceeded to damage the four-wheeler by breaking the ignition key.”
On April 10 an RHPD officer pulled over an SUV on Highway 17 because of an inoperative tail light. Things went rapidly downhill for the driver — and his buddy — from there. But at the end of the day, they seemed to be pretty nice guys.
The man told the officer he was “down for a golf tournament.” The interior of his SUV smelled of marijuana and the officer asked to search it and “asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle,” the report said.
The man said there was a smoking pipe in there and that he and his friend were staying at a local motel and that’s where they smoked marijuana.
A search resulted in police finding the pipe along with a small baggie of pot, and the man was arrested. He then asked RHPD to pick up his friend at the motel to bond him out.
So, two officers went to the motel room, where they met with the friend. “I observed (the friend’s) pupils to be extremely dilated and the odor of marijuana coming from his person.”
Long story short, that man was arrested too, though it seems both made an impression on the police, who in the report noted:
"(The friend) politely provided us with a clear mason jar, containing a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana," the officer said.
"After his honesty and assistance in obtaining the marijuana … I had no reason to disbelieve," the man's story about there being no other drug paraphernalia in the room.
Once the two men were cited, they were able to post a cash bond and "I then gave the two friends a ride back to their hotel," the officer said.

Found property
This report is from April 11, when kids playing off a trial behind Sterling Creek subdivision found “a very expensive riding lawn mower.”
The reporting officer found the mower “a commercial grade Gravely Pro-Turn 148 behind homes on Rice Gate Drive.” it was not damaged. Nobody knew who it belonged to. The mower was taken to RHPD.

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