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Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports for March 15-17
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The following information was taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports.

March 15

Damage to property — The BCSO responded to a report of a bullet hole found in a residence on Olive Branch Road in Ellabell.

The complainant said she came home and found the hole in the front of the house. The bullet had gone through the master-bedroom wall, the headboard of the bed, the closed bedroom door and into the kitchen, hitting the dishwasher. The responding officer retrieved the bullet from the dishwasher, which sustained damage to its control board and door. A comforter on the bed also was damaged.

The bullet appeared to be for a high-powered rifle. Another, smaller bullet hole was in the house’s vinyl siding about 3 feet above the other hole, but did not enter the house like the other one.

The complainant’s uncle said he heard several gun shots about lunch time, but didn’t think much of it because people shoot in the area from time to time out in the county.

There was evidence, including targets, near a dirt berm along the property line that someone had been shooting from there. The berm is also on a direct line to where the bullet struck the house.


March 16

Discharging a firearm — A BCSO deputy spoke with a male on Caudill Road in Ellabell about a complaint of someone firing a weapon toward their residence on Olive Branch Road. The deputy told the male that firing a weapon with a residential classified area is restricted. The deputy said there are two public firing ranges within driving distance of the male’s location.


March 17

Harassing communications — A complainant on Zachary Trail Road on Ellabell spoke to a BCSO deputy about threats she received from her boyfriend.

The complainant said she was afraid of her boyfriend, whom she said made about 20 to 30 calls to her that day. She did not answer the calls because, among other reasons, he accused her of being with other men and had allegedly told close friends of hers that he’d “kill her for being in his house,” even if she said she had not been there.

The complainant said the alleged offender would call her and ask, in a normal voice, if she wanted to travel to a work site, but then calling her again later to start an argument. She said he had doubts about his sobriety and thought he was using some kind of drug.

The complainant’s phone showed that the alleged offender had called her repeatedly between 10:30 p.m. the previous day to 1 p.m. that day with her not answering the call. The deputy advised her of the warrant-application process and made a report.


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