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Bryan County incident reports
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April 25 – An officer spoke with a woman at the Sheriff’s Office who told him her husband had made threats against her life. She told the officer that she had met her husband in the parking lot of the Sheriff’s Office so she could see her children. The woman said her daughter told her that her father had a gun with bullets in it and that she heard her father tell her grandmother that he was going to shoot his children’s mother when they weren’t looking.

The woman said she and her husband took their kids to a local playground so they could talk while the children played and she asked her husband if he really threatened to shoot her. She said her husband told her he didn’t threaten to shoot her but that it was a promise and he was going to do it.

The woman said her husband’s comments made her nervous and she said he had a shotgun in his truck. The woman then said her husband told her that if she wanted to see her children she would have to meet him alone or he wouldn’t let her see them. She said he will now only meet her at parks or playgrounds where there is no one else around and refuses to meet her in public.

The woman was advised on how to obtain a copy of the report for her records.



April 26 – An officer was patrolling Highway 144 when he noticed a vehicle weaving all over the road. The officer followed the vehicle and noticed it began to weave even worse than it was before. The officer pulled the car over and made contact with the driver, and noted he could smell alcohol coming from the car. The officer asked the man to step out of his car and when he did was unsteady on his feet and had to use the car for support.

The officer asked the man if he would take a field sobriety test and he said he would take a breath test.

Another officer at the scene tried to administer the breath test but the man refused to blow into the machine. The man then started swearing at the officers.

The man was placed under arrest for driving under the influence and was read the implied consent notice. The man was asked again to take a breath test and he swore at the officers again, telling them he had already taken the test. The officer told dispatch he was taking the man to the Richmond Hill Police Department and advised the man was being disorderly.

Upon arriving at the Richmond Hill Police Department the man was asked to take the state’s breath test and while one of the police officers was preparing the machine the man approached the officer.

The arresting officer grabbed the man by the arm and the man tried to snatch away, at which time the officer firmly placed the man onto the floor. EMS was then called to check out the man to make sure he wasn’t injured while being placed on the floor. They determined the man was unharmed.

The man refused to take the state breath test and was transported to the Bryan County Jail. On the way to the jail the man told the officer when he gets out of jail he was going to harm him and that he did not know who he was messing with. The officer told the man he would be charged with a felony if he did not stop swearing at and threatening him.

The man told the officer to do whatever he had to do and that he would be sorry for ever stopping him. The man was turned over to the jail and continued to make threats to the officer.

The man was charged with DUI refusal, failure to maintain lane, driving on a suspended driver’s license, open container violation, disorderly conduct, obstruction by hindering and terroristic threats.


Damage to Property

May 2 – An officer responded to the area of Jenny Lane in Pembroke in reference to a damage of property call. The officer spoke to the complainant who said when he came home from work he found that his back door was open and that someone had attempted to enter his home with a screw driver. He also said the master bedroom window had been busted out and was open and that it was obvious someone had attempted to open the master bathroom window.

The man also told the officer that someone had cooked two eggs in a frying pan in the kitchen but that no items were missing. He said he thought his wife had done the damage. He said she had left three days earlier and he hadn’t heard from her since. He said a friend told him that his wife had come to his home and asked for $20 and that she was driving her husband’s truck, which the man said was still missing.

The officer noticed a screw driver with a broken tip lying on the steps next to the back door, which had pry marks around the locks. The officer also saw that the master bedroom window had been busted and there was a cooler below it. Below the master bathroom window – which had pry marks around it – the officer found a paint scraper.

The complainant said he had locked both locks on the door and that his wife only had a key to the bottom lock. He also told the officer that his wife had told a friend that her husband had locked her out of the house.

The complainant requested a report for nuisance reasons.

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