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Brothers separated to end bath tub fight
Crime report
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The following incidents were taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:

Bath tub starts fight, etc.
The family that stays together, well, sometimes it doesn’t work out so well.
For example, deputies were sent to an Evelyn Lane address in Pembroke around 1 a.m. Sunday regarding “several subjects fighting” inside the home.
Why the ruckus?
“Deputies later found out that brothers got into a little altercation over a bath tub running over with water,” the report said, ending by noting the brothers were separated and all ended well.
And if you need proof many of us have brothers-in-law we wish would go somewhere else, there’s this report from Jan. 3, when a deputy was sent back out to a Bothwell Drive address in Richmond Hill regarding an “unwanted subject.”
The deputy put it this way: “Complainant advised that his brother-in-law was not wanted at the residence. I explained to the complainant for the second day in a row that his brother-in-law could not be removed without eviction papers due to him having been living there for almost a year and having taken up residence.”
No word on why the complainant wanted his brother-in-law gone, but if you’ve got a brother-in-law living at your house you can probably guess.

Trash can in the news, part 1
Wednesday, a Pembroke woman reported she was driving home from work on Charles Shuman Road when she ran into a trash can with her van. Not intentionally, of course.
What’s more, someone was attached to the can.
As she passed an oncoming vehicle around 5 p.m., “almost immediately afterwards there was a subject pulling a large green trash can partially in her lane,” she told a BCSD deputy.
“Due to the poor conditions and oncoming vehicle headlights (the woman) was unable to see the victim … who was pulling the trash can that was full of firewood down the road to his residence.”
The woman’s van struck the trash can “with just enough force to knock it over causing the contents to spill out and a large piece of wood landed on the (victim’s) foot,” the report continued, noting the victim said he’d pulled the trash can full of firewood to the other side of the road to avoid the other oncoming car and didn’t see the woman’s van approaching.
The woman did the right thing, stopping to check on the man and offering to take him to get medical treatment, but he refused.
“While on scene I also asked (the victim) several times if he needed EMS, which he refused.”
But it isn’t over until it’s over: “Shortly after clearing up from the scene I was dispatched to return to (the victim’s) residence which at this time he requested EMS and then refused transport.”
Now it’s over.

Trash can in the news part 2
Deputies were dispatched to the Zip-N on Highway 204 around 5 a.m. Wednesday “in reference to damage to property,” a report said.
The complainant told the reporting deputy he was driving down Mack English Road in Ellabell when a deer “jumped out in front of him and he then swerved to miss it. By doing so (the complainant) then hit a trash can with the front of the vehicle on the passenger side causing damage to the head light assembly, the grill, signal lights and the passenger side mirror.”

Entering auto
If you see a guy wearing a new button-down plaid shirt and flashing around $3 in loose change — and he’s wearing some sort of ring — you might want to be wary, or at least make sure your car doors are locked.
A deputy was called to a Brisbon Road address in Richmond Hill on Sunday to take a report from a woman who said three cars parked in her yard had been “entered by unknown persons,” a report said.
Taken from the first vehicle listed was “a new plaid button-down short sleeve shirt,” the woman told the deputy. Missing from the second vehicle was “approximately $3 in loose change.”
And from the third car?
“She could not give me any information on the vehicle because her boyfriend had already driven it from the area, but she did state that he was missing an undescribed ring that had been in the center console,” the deputy reported, also noting the woman told him “all three vehicles had been unlocked with the keys in the vehicle.”

Terroristic threats
This report from Jan. 3 is a reminder of why it’s always a good idea to check someone out before you do business with them. Or rent them a mobile home. Or hang out with them.
According to the reporting deputy, he was sent to a Frank Henry Road address in Black Creek regarding the following:
“(Complainant) stated he had just received a phone call from the listed offender … he stated that (offender) threatened to ‘Beat your punk (bleep)’ and then threatened to ‘burn the trailer down.’ The threats were corroborated by the actual owners of the trailer ... who were also listed as victims because they own the trailer,” the report clarified. “The witnesses stated that (offender) was upset because they were going to evict him for both non-payment and for maintaining a disorderly house because the law was constantly being called over there for domestic disputes.”

Good guys have badges, part 1
From a Jan. 2 report comes a reminder deputies are friends to law abiding people everywhere. A deputy was sent to a Bobcat Lane address in Ellabell around 10 p.m. because a woman had reported her power was out and she was “hearing strange noises outside her house.” The deputy checked the area and “found it secure,” he reported. “The only problem being the power was out. I checked with dispatch and found out that the power company had crews en route to fix the problem.”

Tree on the interstate, maybe
A deputy was sent to I-16 around 1 a.m. Jan. 3 regarding a report of a “possible tree on the road way.”
So, “I-16 was checked both east and west bound lanes from Bulloch County line to Effingham County line with negative contact with any downed trees.”

Love and deputies
Sometimes, relationships can lead to incident reports.
From a Jan. 4 report, a deputy was dispatched to a Butler Drive address in Richmond Hill around 3 a.m. because “(complainant) advised that his girlfriend’s ex-husband … was banging on his door and honking his vehicle horn. The subject had already left the area and I was not able to locate him.”

Those darned kids
A Richmond Hill man called deputies around 4 p.m. Jan. 5 because “someone had cut the wires on the Christmas lights that he had around his yard” at the man’s Mill Hill Road address.
“He showed me several sets of lights with cut wires, some cut at the lights, with others cut in the middle of the lights. The complainant believes the wires have been cut by juveniles in the neighborhood and wanted a report made in case one of them is injured (electrocuted) while on his property.”

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