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Broke down motorist robbed at gunpoint
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Matter of record: This report from Sunday needs no setup. "Complainant stated that her children told her that their father …. Has been smoking cigarettes in the car while transporting the children around. Complainant also stated that her children have been coming home smelling like cigarette smoke when they have been with their father. The complainant wished to have an incident report made of this."

Welfare check: Deputies were sent to a Holly Hill address on Friday to check on a woman because the complainant believed she "is under the influence," a report said.

Not so. "Upon arrival, I spoke (with the woman). (She) said she was just sitting and watching TV. While speaking with (her), she was very coherent and had no problems communicating with me. (She) did mention she was in some pain due to a pretty large hernia on her stomach. (She) refused EMS treatment."

As the deputies were leaving, they were told the complainant wanted to know how the woman was doing, so one of the deputies said he would do it.

Damage to property: This could’ve been so bad. Deputies were dispatched to Love’s Truck Stop in Richmond Hill around 6:30 p.m. on Monday "for an accident that occurred on I-95," a report said.

The accident involved two tractor trailers, both headed north. One tractor trailer was in the center lane. The other was in the slow lane, and going faster than the truck in the center lane. Just before they hit the Ogeechee River bridge, the two trucks "side sideswiped each other," the report said.

The driver of the slow truck said the fast truck hit his truck. The driver of the faster truck said the driver of the slower truck sped up while he was trying to pass and change lanes, and that caused the contact. The slow truck had "moderate damage," to the trailer. The faster truck suffered extensive damage, including a missing headlight and gouges to the right front tire. Somehow, it wasn’t worse.

DUI: Deputies were sent around 3 a.m. Tuesday to "the area of I-16 west near the Bryan/Effingham County line in reference to a vehicle that had run off the road and was in the median with flashers on," the report said.

Two people were in the car, which was apparently stuck, and the driver said they were headed to Atlanta from Savannah and "he must have dozed off and veered into the median where they got stuck," the report said.

As the deputy spoke to the driver, he also noticed "an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person," etc. The man said he hadn’t had anything to drink but wound up with a DUI after both a field test and breathalyzer at the Bryan County Jail tested positive for alcohol. His passenger was able to make arrangements for a ride, the report said.

Damage to property: A man driving east near mile marker 146 on I-16 around 7 p.m. Monday ran into a heavy rainstorm and tried to pull off the road. Instead, "the vehicle lost traction, hit a metal drain cover and hydroplaned into a ditch in the middle of the median of I-16," the report said. The car was towed from the median by a wrecker and then driven away by its owner.

Theft: A man called 911 around 11 p.m. Monday after he was robbed at gunpoint on the side of Highway 80 West near Newman Road. The man told deputies he pulled off the road because he heard a sound coming from his vehicle.

After he lifted his hood, "a silver Toyota Highlander pulled up on the side of him and asked if he needed some help," the report said. "(Complainant) stated the passenger allegedly pulled out a gun and demanded money."

The man said he gave them $50 and they drove off. He said he got in his car and tried to follow them but lost the car at Old River Road. He did get a tag number, the report said.

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