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Break-up gets complicated
Crime reports for Sept. 22

The following incidents are from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

Criminal trespass, damage to property — A Bryan County Sheriff’s Department deputy was sent to a North Bryan address on Sept. 13 to meet with a man who said his former girlfriend messed up his house, among other things.
“(Complainant) indicated that while he was in Statesboro, his former girlfriend (name marked out) called him 33 times between 8 p.m. and midnight on Sept. 12. (Complainant) also indicated that he received 18 text messages from (the ex-girlfriend) during that time and one of the text messages included a picture of her dog inside his home.”
The complainant then showed the deputy “where (the ex-girlfriend) broke a window pane on his side door to gain entry to his home.”
The deputy found evidence of the entry.  “Inside (complainant’s) home I observed drool marks on his furniture and brown hair that appeared to be dog hair on his furniture and his laptop.”
It didn’t end there, either. Later that night the deputy was sent back to the same place.
“I was again dispatched (to the address) reference (complainant’s) former girlfriend being at his home.”
At that point, two deputies spoke to the complainant and the former girlfriend, who said she didn’t mean to break the window “but indicated that it broke while she was knocking on the door.”
She “indicated that after the window broke she called (complainant) in attempt to make him aware of the damage that occurred.”
The complainant asked that his former girlfriend be served with a notice of criminal trespass, and deputies did so. They also explained warrant procedures to the complainant.

Scam ­— A Pembroke woman reported to BCSD that she received two apparently fraudulent envelopes “via Priority Mail” on Tuesday.
One envelope contained a letter with cashing instructions and two United States Postal Service money orders, each for $990, along with an Arizona address to send the cash to.
“In the instructions it also requires (the complainant) to make a donation to ‘The Orphan Coalition,” the incident report said.
The second envelope contained a cashier’s check for $2,350 with similar cashing instructions.

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