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Break-ins reported in Buckhead East
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

The following information was taken from recent Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Buckhead East break-ins: Deputies recently responded to two break-ins in the Buckhead East subdivision. The first occurred the evening of Oct. 5 when an alarm went off at 3040 Kingswood Drive at the sales center for Mungo Homes. Deputies found that the building had been entered through an unsecured office window.

The second occurred Saturday, also on Kingswood Drive, when a woman called to report an intruder had entered her home. The report said there was no damage to the residence and nothing was taken, but there were five juveniles inside when the incident occurred.

Checking on checks: Deputies may have uncovered a check fraud scheme at Caeserstone after Unifirst Company reported two checks from the manufacturer were possibly stolen from their mailbox. A representative from Caeserstone said they discovered that the checks, issued in August and September as payment for uniform services, were made out to unknown names rather than to Unifirst.

Expensive taste: A Richmond Hill man was arrested early Saturday morning after leaving Game Time Sports Bar without paying his bill.

Deputies reported that the man had consumed 15 drinks and had a bar bill of $116 when he walked out of the establishment and into the woods. A deputy was in a nearby parking lot on Highway 144 near Belfast Keller Road and saw the man walk into the woods.

Call a tow truck: A tow truck driver responding to a call from deputies to remove a vehicle involved in an accident on Murchison Road early Sunday morning was arrested for drunk driving and driving with a suspended license.

The tow truck from Collins Wrecker Service was dispatched to the accident around 2:30 a.m. as part of the sheriff’s office’s "next list wrecker," which is a rotating list of towing companies that ensures no single business gets all of the work.

Deputies reported that when the wrecker arrived, the driver tried to exit the vehicle several times while it was still in reverse. After the driver put the tow truck in park, deputies said the man was walking "in a staggering manner" and was "unsteady on his feet."

The report also noted that when a deputy asked the man if he had been drinking, he replied "yep, earlier!"

Collins Wrecker Service was then contacted again to remove the damaged vehicle and the original tow truck.

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