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Break-in attempt reported on Kingswood Drive
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Sept. 24

Reckless driving — A man went to the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office to complain about a reckless driver, who then showed up at the sheriff’s office to complain about him.

The suspect reportedly said the other man “threatened to beat his (expletive) if he ran over his wife or child” while driving aggressively on Cypress Bay Loop Road in Pembroke. The suspect’s father then pulled into the BCSO parking lot and nearly hit two parked cars, according to the report.

The father aggressively approached the complainant and had to be restrained by a deputy, the report states. The father injured one of the deputy’s fingers in the process and was told he would be arrested if he did not return to his vehicle as instructed.

Trespassing — A Richmond Hill woman reported that someone might have tried to break into her home on Kingswood Drive.

The woman said her daughter heard something between 1:30 and 4 a.m., according to the report. The mother told a BCSO deputy that most of the window screens on the house had been pushed in and two were damaged, but she saw no other damage.

Sept. 22

Suspicious person — A suspicious vehicle was reported in the Buckhead subdivision during the bus pickup time for elementary-school children.

A woman who lives in the subdivision said a white pickup truck with gold lettering on the driver’s-side door had been seen in the area for the past two weeks. The truck traveled slowly past the children as they waited for the bus, she said.

The truck was described as either a Ford Ranger or Chevrolet S-10. The woman asked for additional patrols of the area.

Harassment — An Ellabell man reported that several harassing phone calls were made to his wife’s cell number.

The calls were from a man in Texas who knew his wife in the past, according to the report. The caller threatened to go to the couple’s home and assault the husband, the man said.

Animal complaint — An Ellabell woman reported that a neighbor’s dogs killed two birds on her property.

Two bulldog puppies went into the woman’s fenced-in yard and killed a hen and a mallard duck, she said. A BCSO deputy told the dogs’ owner to keep the puppies in a pen, and the case was forwarded to Animal Control for follow-up.

Sept. 20

Threat — A Richmond Hill woman reported that her ex-boyfriend sent a text message threatening to “bust out the windows” of her SUV.

The man admitted sending the text because he was angry, according to the report. An RHPD officer did not see any damage to the woman’s vehicle.

Sept. 19

Domestic dispute — A Richmond Hill man reported that his girlfriend poured cooking oil on a pile of his clothes after he said he no longer loved her.

The woman said an argument started after her boyfriend made fun of her for not having a job and not paying any bills. She reportedly poured cooking oil from a pan off the stove onto a pile of her boyfriend’s clothes after telling him she did all the cooking and cleaning.

The man and woman both had been drinking alcohol, according to the report. They both calmed down and said they would discuss their situation once they were sober.

Property damage — A Florida man reported that the cab of his tractor-trailer was damaged while he was asleep at the Love’s Travel Stop in Richmond Hill.

The man was sleeping in his truck cab and a noise woke him, according to the report. He noticed damage to the driver’s side of his cab.

The man did not see the vehicle that caused the damage, nor did any other truck drivers in the parking lot. Love’s does not have surveillance cameras facing the area where the truck was parked, the report states.

Soliciting without permit — A church group reportedly solicited for funds without a permit at the intersection of Highways 17 and 144.

One of the New Life Church members told an RHPD officer he thought they were exempt from needing a permit because they are a religious, nonprofit group. The officer explained that the church might be able to get an exemption from the law that prohibits collecting money along a roadway without a permit, and he advised them to contact City Hall.

Sept. 18

Suspicious person — RHPD officers responded to a report of a man wearing only a T-shirt and no pants outside the Suites at Station Exchange around 3:30 a.m.

A woman said she saw the man standing at the front entrance and then running toward Ford Avenue. A short time later, she reportedly saw an unidentified vehicle leaving the area.

Officers searched the area around the Suites at Station Exchange, including Edsel Drive, Frances Meeks Way, J.F. Gregory Park and the City Hall complex. They were unable to find the man.

Sept. 17

Property damage — The drive shaft fell off a garbage truck and damaged two vehicles on Highway 17 southbound at the Richmond Hill city limits.

The garbage-truck driver, a Springfield man, pulled over after losing the drive shaft. A woman reported that her car struck the drive shaft on the road, puncturing one of her front tires.

A tow-truck driver also drove over the drive shaft, according to the report. He said his truck was leaking engine coolant and hydraulic fluid, and the truck’s emergency lights were only intermittently working.

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