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Blotters for Dec. 6-19

The following information was taken from reports from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill and Pembroke police departments:

Dec. 19

Criminal trespass, misdemeanor — A BCSO deputy went to a residence on Herman Butler Road in Pembroke for a report of a trespasser. The complainant said that when he returned home, he found a man hiding in his daughter’s room, wanted him gone and never allowed back.

The responding deputy told the complainant that the man was invited to the residence by the daughter and was not trespassing, but could be served with a trespass notice and told he couldn’t return. Being invited over, however, nullifies the trespass order. The complainant understood, but wanted the man served anyway. The man was served a trespass order and given a ride to his Bowers Street residence.


Terroristic threats/acts — A complainant on Murchinson Road in Ellabell told a BCSO deputy that his brother threatened to shoot him.

The complainant said he was walking on Black Creek Church Road when his brother jumped out of a vehicle, said he had a gun and threatened to shoot him. The complainant said he ran to his residence, but was unsure if the brother had a gun.

The deputy gave the complainant a case number and advised him of the warrant process.


Dec. 18

Theft by shoplifting — The manager at Chu’s Gas Station/Convenience Store spoke with an RHPD officer regarding an alleged theft. The manager showed surveillance video that shows theft that occurred Dec. 6.

The video, as described in the report, shows the store’s cashier leaving to meet with a maroon Cadillac. She talks with someone and turns to leave, but a man with long hair, which appeared to be dreadlocks, leaves the car and catches up to her and blocks her from going inside.

Another man exits the Cadillac, runs into the store, goes around the counter and grabs a stack of cigarettes from a shelf. He then goes into the storage room for a moment, then leaves the store, gets in the Cadillac and leaves with the other man. A third man was believed to be in the car.

The cashier said she knew the men, but denied involvement in the theft. She added that she was unaware a theft was committed. The manager said she heard that the suspects were selling cigarettes in Plantation Apartments.

Total value of the items taken was $265.30 for five cartons.


Suspicious person — A complainant at a residence on Garden Hill Loop in Richmond Hill told a BCSO deputy that she saw a woman looking through her window who said she needed to use a phone. When the complainant asked why, the woman said she needed to call for a ride. The complainant said there also were two men near her mailbox.

The complainant said she went upstairs to get a gun. When she looked out the window again, she saw the woman and men walking toward the wood line.

The responding deputy searched the area, but was unable to make contact with anyone in the neighborhood.

The complainant’s husband arrived, and the deputy spoke with him about the gun. The husband said his wife overreacted and doesn’t know how to use the weapon. He said he’d secure the gun better until he could teach his wife to safely use a firearm.


Dec. 17

Public drunkenness — An RHPD officer observed a man behind the Super 8 Motel urinating beside his work vehicle. The man quickly zipped up his pants and told the officer he couldn’t hold his bladder any longer. His hotel room was a short distance away.

The officer noticed the man’s speech was slurred, and there was an odor of alcohol on his breath. The man said he drove his company truck from Snazzy’s to the Super 8. The man then was handcuffed and searched. He relinquished a small, multicolored marijuana pipe containing partially smoked marijuana that he said had been left in the work vehicle by a co-worker.

The man was transported to the Bryan County Jail.


Dec. 6

Aggravated assault — While a PPD officer was en route to a report of a fight involving juveniles, dispatch said one of the people involved went home, got a knife and was attempting to return to the scene of the fight.

When the officer arrived, he saw the complainant returning to her house on Lucious Drive. She said an older woman jumped her and started hitting her at the suspect’s address on Lucious Drive. The complainant said she went to the suspect’s residence concerning rumors about her having bed bugs.

The complainant said she didn't know who the woman was who beat her up, but she then went home to retrieve a knife and tried to return to the suspect’s address. She returned home when she heard sirens.

The complainant said she couldn’t see out of her left eye and had two minor abrasions on her left elbow and right ear. Emergency management services checked her out, but she refused treatment.

The officer then went to the other party’s address to speak with her. A woman at the address said another woman, her son’s girlfriend, had fought the complainant. The mother gave the officer her son’s phone number. The son and the girlfriend were not present.


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