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'Black belt' makes scene at bar, jail
Recent crime reports

The following information was taken from reports from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and the Richmond Hill Police Department.

Nov. 22
Animal complaint — A resident on Holly Hill Road in Richmond Hill alerted the BCSO about an abandoned dog. The complainant said his neighbors took in the dog but threw it out and were out of town until the weekend, leaving the dog with no food or water. A BCSO officer tried to contact the dog’s owners, but their house on Holly Hill had no one inside and was unsecured. The complainant was told to contact Animal Control.

Suspicious persons — A BCSO officer was sent to Kelsall Drive in Richmond Hill for a complaint about teenagers throwing eggs and toilet paper from a white SUV at nearby children. The officer found egg shells and toilet paper on the roadway and in the yard the children had been playing in when the alleged attack occurred. Juveniles told the officer that the alleged offender was driving a white SUV with an unknown tag. The officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

Shots fired — A complainant alerted the BCSO about shots fired near Gill Road in Richmond Hill. The responding officer saw several teenagers in the road. Two subjects ran into the woods between Gill and Quail roads. The officer found out from speaking to the subjects that they had been lighting fireworks. The subjects were told that fireworks have to be lit on private property.

Nov. 21
Traffic complaint (racing) — The BCSO received a complaint of sports cars racing near Bill Futch Road and Page Road in Ellabell. A complainant told an officer that she had video of the racing. The officer watched the video, which showed what appeared to be autos racing. The officer contacted the driver of a black Corvette at Elm Drive near Bill Futch Road. The driver was issued a traffic summons for racing on a public street or highway. The second driver was not located.

Nov. 20

Scam — A complainant on Fort McAllister Road in Richmond Hill spoke to a BCSO officer about getting a phone call at home and being told by an alleged representative from Publishers Clearinghouse that she had won a car and money. She was instructed by the caller to get a Wal-Mart gift card with $200 on it to cover the cost of the car’s taxes and to give him the card’s numbers. The complainant asked the officer to call the alleged representative. However, the call went to voicemail on a cellphone. The complainant was advised that the call was a scam.

Nov. 16

Public drunkenness — Two RHPD officers were completing paperwork in a patrol unit in the Richmond Hill High School west-campus parking lot when a man was heard talking loudly to himself. He was heading east on Harris Trail Road.

The officers approached him, and one of them asked the man if he had vomited on himself, since he appeared to have vomit on his clothing. The man said it was a burrito he recently ate. The other officer saw debris falling out of the man’s mouth as he talked, and he also had slurred speech and glassy, red, slightly closed eyes. He also was having difficulty standing, had one boot halfway on and appeared to have urinated in his pants. The man had a strong odor of alcohol.

An officer asked the man what the date was, and the man responded, “I think it’s the 15th.” The man said he hadn’t had any alcohol that evening. He attempted a breath test, but couldn’t blow on his own. After the test set was manually engaged and the man blew into the machine, the test results showed a blood-alcohol level of 0.174 percent. The man was arrested for public drunkenness and given a court date of Jan. 26.

Matter of record — An RHPD officer went to a vehicle fire on Highway 25 near Raceway. The complainant said her recently purchased 1996 Toyota had been having issues with the battery and alternator. The car also leaks oil and smokes. She was told by a bystander that flames were coming out from the bottom of the vehicle. She called 911. When fire personnel arrived, no fire was observed. The complainant received help in pushing the car into the parking lot. She requested documentation of the incident for insurance purposes.

Nov. 15

Harassing phone calls — A complainant on Bush Court told RHPD that he had been receiving harassing texts from his girlfriend’s husband, who won’t sign the divorce papers. The complainant said he and his girlfriend live together and have children in the residence as well. He said the harassing texts and calls had been occurring over the course of several weeks.

The complainant said he would block the ex-husband’s number and didn’t want to press charges, but did want the incident documented. He said he had been assaulted by the ex-husband in Bryan County and received a report of that incident. An RHPD officer advised the complainant to consider getting a temporary restraining order against the ex-husband.

Nov. 14

Obstruction of officers, misdemeanor — An RHPD officer responded to a room at the Scottish Inns on Highway 25 for a 911-call hang-up. When the officer approached the room, he heard arguing.  The room door was open, and the officer saw two females and a male inside. One of the females continued yelling at the male. The officer asked her to calm down, but she continued yelling at the male. Each subject seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, according to the report.

The officer took the male out of the room to question him. The male and his wife were staying in the room and had met the other female earlier in the evening. The three of them were socializing in the couple’s room, were drinking and were impaired. He asked the other female to leave his room, but she wouldn’t and told the wife to call the police and say the husband hit her, which was the cause of the 911 hang-up.

The officer tried to talk to the wife, but the other female continued interrupting. The officer told her several times to stay outside the room while he interviewed the wife, whom the husband said had a leg injury and was recently discharged from the hospital. The other female, however, ignored the officer’s requests and sat down at the end of the bed near the wife. The officer did talk to the wife enough to determine that the husband had not hit her but pointed at her and told her to stop drinking because she appeared too drunk.

When the other female refused to go to her room as requested by the officer several times, she was placed under arrest. The female initially refused to get in the officer’s vehicle, but did eventually get into the rear of the vehicle “after a lot of conversation.” The female then said she wasn’t feeling well and requested an ambulance. She was transported by ambulance to Memorial University Medical Center and released to seek medical treatment. Warrants were scheduled to be issued for her for obstructing a police officer.

Nov. 13

Possession of marijuana, less than 1 ounce — An RHPD officer responded to Richmond Place Park on a report of four suspicious males sitting in a white SUV. The officer made contact with the males, who were sitting in a Lincoln Navigator. Each of the males said he was “just chilling.” The officer reported the smell of freshly burnt marijuana inside the vehicle and pouring out the windows. The driver said the leftover marijuana belonged to him. He then handed 0.9 gram of marijuana in a plastic bag to the officer. The bag had been in the driver’s side door. The driver was arrested, and the other three males were released.

Disorderly conduct — RHPD units were sent to the Jukebox Bar and Grill in response to a complaint about the staff.

The complainant approached an officer, who observed that the man had glassy eyes, slurred speech, tattered clothing and was unsteady. He also smelled of alcohol. The complainant said he came to the bar to drink and observed a female whom he found attractive. He told her he thought she was beautiful, which upset the female’s boyfriend, who was sitting next to her.

The complainant said he was thrown from the bar by the establishment’s staff. He added that he was a third-degree black belt in martial arts.

The officer asked the complainant if he thought his state of sobriety caused any kind of miscommunication. The man said he wasn’t drunk. The officer corrected him, to which the man responded by questioning why one would go to bar if not to get drunk.

A bar employee told the officer that the complainant tried to go inside while carrying several cans of beer and was not allowed inside with them. The employee said the complainant finished the beers outside, but then came inside, ordered one drink and began making unwanted comments toward female customers. The females complained, and the complainant was asked to leave. He then became angry and starting throwing chairs. After he was escorted outside, the complainant started yelling that he could beat up everyone.

The complainant was placed under arrest and restrained. The complainant yelled at patrons leaving the bar. While officers attempted to place him in a police vehicle, he tensed his body and refused orders to get in. An officer forced the complainant inside, where he was placed in a seat belt.

While information was being gathered, an officer noticed that the complainant had moved his restraints to the front and was hitting the vehicle’s glass partition. The officers had the complainant come out the vehicle and advised him of a felony charge for damaging government property. The complainant again had to be forced inside the vehicle.

While being the complainant was being booked at the Police Department, a call was made to his friend to see if someone would sign for him. The friend wasn’t willing to do that. The complainant was transferred to the Bryan County Jail, where he refused to sign citations, threw down an officer’s pen and was disrespectful to the jail staff.

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