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Birthday party leads to fight
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TheftJan. 27 – A "certified passion consultant" employed by Passion Parties, Inc., reported theft of several of her products. On the date of the report, she was having a Passion party at a home in Pembroke and said several items were missing when she went to leave. She said she didn’t want to file charges but did want to make a report of the missing Passions items, which included creams, cologne and a couple Passion toys. The total theft was valued around $90.Simple battery

Jan. 26 – Deputies were dispatched to a fight in progress at a birthday party. The complainant said he was having a birthday celebration for his sister at his residence when some unknown men from Savannah arrived and started an argument with one of the guests. The complainant said the alleged suspects then began hitting people and the birthday girl herself was struck in the eye. EMS was called but treatment was refused, according to the report. The complainant said the men left the party saying they would return with guns. The only vehicle description was a blue Dodge truck and white Mustang. The alleged suspects could not be located. Criminal trespass

Jan. 26 – A woman and her alleged estranged husband got into an argument over their children after the woman picked the man up from his mother’s house in Ellabell. The woman said the argument started because her husband was intoxicated and taking the children with him. She said he became irate during the argument, jumped on the hood of her car and left dents. The woman said he didn’t put his hands on her at that time, but she wanted to report the damage to her car and also a mini tape-recorder she had been using to tape their conversations, due to past accusations.Criminal trespass

Jan. 28 – Deputies were told a group of people were trespassing on property in Ellabell. When the deputies arrived, four people were reportedly on the scene loading metal items onto a trailer hooked to a gray pickup truck. When asked why they were there, the alleged suspects said they had been given permission from the property owners to take "as much junk as they wanted, to just leave the tires," the report said. They also said they didn’t know the person who gave them permission, only that they were in a white car. The owner of the property was contacted, who said since they were on his property he wanted them arrested. All four were taken into custody and were charged with criminal trespassing. Harassing calls

Jan. 27 – The complainant reported a woman was repeatedly calling her and leaving harassing messages. She reportedly told the complainant she was going to report her to the Department of Family and Children’s Services in regard to the way she has been caring for her children. She has also taken photos of the complainant with her children. The complainant said she wants the harassment to stop and was told by deputies to take a copy of the report to the magistrate. The alleged offender said she hadn’t made any calls or taken any photos. She said she has a report against the complainant for the same thing. Deputies warned both women to stay away from each other.DUI

Jan. 27 – A deputy was traveling west on Belfast Siding Road when he reportedly saw a silver van, heading east, cross the center lane. The van allegedly caused the deputy to partially drive off the road in order to avoid a collision. The deputy then turned around and initiated a traffic stop.

The driver said she did not have her license with her and the deputy reportedly smelled alcohol coming from her breath. She said she had drunk two beers and was asked to step out of the van. She was reportedly unsteady on her feet while she walked out of the van and over to the patrol car. A preliminary breath test showed the presence of alcohol and another deputy was called to the scene to assist as the woman was arrested for driving under the influence. At the station, the woman’s BAC registered as a .161 and she was cited for failure to maintain her lane and DUI. She signed for the citations and was taken to the jail. Harassing calls

Jan. 29 – An Ellabell resident complained that the alleged offender had called her twice, once at 7:15 p.m. when he left a message and again at 7:30 p.m. when he talked to her directly. Both times, he allegedly yelled and cursed at the woman, threatening everyone in her home. The offender was reportedly miffed about the woman’s news interview regarding a case in Effingham County. The calls had been placed from the offender’s step-mother’s telephone.Terroristic threats

Jan. 29 – Deputies took a report from a Richmond Hill resident who said she has continued to receive harassing phone calls at her residence since December. The woman said the alleged suspect has continued to call her house at all hours of the night, leaving vulgar messages on the answering machine. The complainant played a recording from Dec. 16, where the alleged offender threatened to come and set the complainant’s trailer on fire, with her in it. She left another message that same day, saying she would punch the complainant in the face. The complainant said she has an arrest warrant out on the woman in Chatham County and wished to have this incident documented.Harassing calls

Jan. 28 – A report was made from the Bryan County 911 Office. The complainant said they had been receiving calls from someone who the reporting deputy had worked an accident for earlier in the day. She said the subject called seven times in 30 minutes, four of the calls coming within a matter of minutes. The woman said each time the suspect called, he would curse and act belligerently towards her and other dispatchers. The man’s name was reportedly Ed. The deputy said he would be securing a warrant for the calls. Entering auto

Jan. 22 – Two vehicles were reportedly entered into at the Richmond Hill High School student lot. One complainant said someone entered his vehicle and stole his Nano Ipod player from his center console. The deputy noted no signs of forced entry and the complainant said the vehicle had not been locked. A detective was called and attempted to process the vehicle for fingerprints.

Another complainant said someone entered her locked vehicle and took her car stereo system. The deputy saw no signs of forced entry. The complainant said the stereo was a dual DVD/CD/AM-FM. The deputy noted the system was removed from the dashboard. There was also a satellite radio in the vehicle, which was left untouched. The detective was called to look for fingerprints on this vehicle, as well.

From BCSD reports.

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