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BCSO blotters for Dec. 9-14
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The following information was taken from reports from the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office:

Dec. 14

Criminal trespass — A BCSO deputy went to an address on Highway 144 to talk to a complainant who found a deer carcass under her business sign that morning. She had reported that incident to the Department of Natural Resources.

Also, she reported that on Dec. 11, she found one of the electric wires around her horse pen had been cut, and on Dec. 13, one of the electric wires had been placed under the horses’ water trough.

There also were beer cans and shotgun shells on her property close to a wildlife-management area.

The deputy advised the complainant about getting security cameras for the property and that a report of the incidents would be made.


Harassing phone calls — A complainant on Holly Hill Road in Richmond Hill said that while he was helping a neighbor fix her vehicle, a man sent him texts threatening him and his wife, accusing them of placing illegal drugs in his vehicle on the day he was arrested. The complainant said that the man and his wife were evicted while he and his wife were not, and it had been an ongoing issue since then.

The deputy spoke with the man, who said the complainant was using illegal drugs and blaming him for the use and sale of illegal drugs in the neighborhood.

The parties were advised to keep apart from each other until the man and his wife moved away.


Animal complaint — A man on Elm Drive in Ellabell said a large pit bull was barking and bleeding outside his gate. A BCSO deputy put the animal in the back of his vehicle. The complainant said the dog showed up in his yard and attacked his Labradors. His dogs ran off the other dog and he got the gate shut, but the other dog wouldn’t leave. He didn’t know who the dog’s owner was, but he didn’t need a report since his dogs were uninjured.

The deputy took the dog to the county’s animal shelter.


Dec. 12

Lost/stolen dog — A complainant at an address on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill told a BCSO deputy that he believed his dog had been stolen.

The man said his dog, a black-and-white pit bull, was in the front yard when a small SUV pulled up. The vehicle’s inside light came on, then went off shortly after. The dog didn’t come when the man called for it.

The SUV returned minutes later, and the two occupants said they were looking for their dog. They left shortly after. The complainant said he believes they took his dog.

The complainant was given a case number and advised of further procedures he could follow.


Dec. 10

Shots fired — A BCSO deputy was dispatched to a Blige Road address in Richmond Hill for a report of shots being fired. The officer saw the alleged offender in his driveway with a rifle leaning against a vehicle. The man said he hadn’t fired the rifle and was only putting it in his vehicle. The deputy informed the man of state law in regards to discharging firearms near residences.


Damage to property, private — A complainant told a BCSO deputy that sometime between 8 a.m. Dec. 6 and 8 a.m. Dec. 7, the front windshield of her vehicle was shot with a pellet gun, and a crack had formed. No estimate on the damage was available.


Dec. 9

Suspicious vehicle — A complainant was told by a neighbor that a person in a tan SUV had photographed her residence. The person was confronted by the neighbor, according to the complainant, and gave an obscene gesture and drove away. The neighbor got the tag number on the SUV and gave it to the complainant.


Obstructing — A man at a Highway 17 South residence told a BCSO deputy that his grandson was arguing with a female while they were running on the driveway to his house. They entered the house, grabbed the grandfather’s phone and fought over it. The grandfather said the female ran out of the house with the grandson following. They left in separate vehicles.

The female told dispatch that she was at the Parker’s store on Highway 17 and spoke with a deputy there. She said her and the grandson were driving on Interstate 95 southbound, with the grandson passing cars in the emergency lane and going at high rates of speed. She tried to call 911, but the grandson took the phone from her. They argued as they arrived at the residence. While continuing to argue, she ran inside and tried again to call 911, but he took the phone away from her, breaking its cord. She then ran to the vehicle and drove away.

The complainant was given a case number and advised on how to get a warrant if she wanted. The grandfather declined to pursue charges for the damaged telephone.


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