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BCSD reports: Harassing phone calls, stolen ATVs and more
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Harassing Phone Calls

May 1 – A man and his mother came into the Richmond Hill office of the Sheriff’s Department in reference to threats. The man advised that he made a child support payment to his ex-girlfriend the day before and shortly after making the payment he received a phone call from her new boyfriend, who told the man he would break his fingers and beat him up.

He said he received several more phone calls and text messages from the man.

While the man and his mother were talking to the officer, the ex-girlfriend sent a text message to the man’s mother, informing her that her son was not at work.

The officer contacted the woman and asked why she sent the message and she said she did so because she wanted to make sure he was at work so she would continue to receive her child support payments.

The officer told the woman it was none of her concern and she did not need to inform the man’s mother of where he is.

He also told the woman to tell her new boyfriend to stop calling her old boyfriend.

The ex-girlfriend later came to the Sheriff’s Office and the officer advised her again that it was none of her concern where her ex-boyfriend was.

He told her an incident report could be filed against her for stalking.

The man’s mother contacted the Sheriff’s Office later in the day and told the officer the new boyfriend of her son’s ex-girlfriend had contacted her son again and asked to know where he was so he could come and beat him up.

The officer advised of warrant procedures and asked the son to make a list of any future calls from the man.


Theft by Taking

May 4 – An officer was dispatched to the area of Gill Road in Richmond Hill in reference to the theft of a four-wheeler. The officer spoke with a man who said his four-wheeler was missing from his back yard.

He had used the four-wheeler the day before and his father had parked it in his back yard. The man described it to the officer and said he was unsure if the keys were left in it when it was parked.

The man gave the officer a description of the four-wheeler.

The officer looked in the back yard where the four-wheeler was kept, which was inside a wooden privacy fence. He could not see any tire marks or other evidence in the area. The complainant was given information on how to obtain a copy of the report.


Criminal Trespass

May 8 – A woman called police to her home on Highway 17 in reference to a dispute involving a knife.

The officer spoke to a man who was holding a small child and asked the man to put the child down and to put his hands on his head. The man did so and he was searched for weapons; none were found.

The woman told the officer the man had come over to her home to try and start trouble with her.

She said she told the man to leave but he refused. She said the man pushed her over a rocking chair in her living room and then held a knife to her throat. She said she got up and went into the kitchen with her child and the man snatched her arm and took the baby from her.

She said the man then went outside and would not give the child back to her.

The knife could not be found after a search and the man said he knew nothing of a knife.

He said he had been invited into the woman’s home to see his son. The officer told the man he needed to see an attorney regarding problems with the mother of his son.

The man was then placed under arrest for criminal trespass and taken to the Bryan County Jail.


Property Damage

May 9 – An officer was dispatched to a home on Highway 144 in response to a report of vandalism.

He spoke with a man who told him that the night before he had tied his boat to his dock in a hoist. He said when he returned to his boat the next day the boat had been raised and that one of the guide rails on the hoist had hit the dock’s roof.

The lower hoist had hit the dock itself and broken several boards. The man was unsure if the boat was damaged but the hoist motor was frozen and would not work.

The man estimated the damage to be in excess of $4,000.


Weapon Firing

May 10 – An officer responded to a report of a drive-by shooting in the area of Shumantown Road in Ellabell and spoke with a man who said his son was walking down the road with his grandfather when two men – whom the man identified – drove by in a white car and shot a weapon out the car window. The man’s son said he knew the sound was a gun but could not tell the officer if the men were shooting at him because some brush blocked his view and he was unable to see in what direction the gun was fired.

The officer then spoke with the mother of the man who apparently fired the gun. She said her son was at the store but that he would be back shortly. The officer left the home and found the men on Black Creek Church Road and pulled them over.

The officer searched the vehicle. No weapon was found and no illegal substances or items were found.

The complainant was told by the officer that he didn’t find a gun in the man’s car and advised him to keep a watchful eye.


Incidents taken from reports on file at the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.

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