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ATV riders lead police on chase
Richmond Hill Police Department reports
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Theft by taking

July 21 – When stopping at the Truck Stop of America for fuel and supplies, a woman went into the store with her daughter-in-law, while her son refueled and her granddaughter remained in her truck. She came back to find her purse missing from the backseat. The light blue bag held her drivers license, Visa card, check book, several department store credit cards, $400 in cash, and her Cingular cell phone. While the family checked out the area, inside the store, and in the trash cans, nothing could be found. The complainant’s son said that while refueling, he "noticed a white male standing by the front door to the T of A, watching him," but did not see anyone approach the vehicle. The woman was given a case number and told how to obtain a copy of the report.


ATV off-road chase

July 22 – After watching three ATVs turn off Hwy. 144 into the Richmond Heights subdivision, the officer noted "the riders of the ATVs turned and saw me and accelerated to what appeared to be a high rate of speed," the report said. He followed the three until they went off-road onto a dirt trail by the railroad tracks at Bracklakin Road. With backup, the ATVs were finally located 45 minutes later. The suspects fessed up to seeing the patrol car and "eluding [the officer] on the dirt trail," All three were issued citations for Operating Restrictions for Off Road Vehicles and the ATV’s were towed. The suspects all tested positive for alcohol.


Criminal trespass

July 23 – A man’s red Mitsubishi Spyder was keyed in the Ashton Apartments parking lot in Hinesville. Officers were dispatched, and while they inspected the vehicle, the owner came out and was informed of the damage. The complainant said he had no idea who would want to damage his vehicle. There were key marks across the hood, driver’s side door, the rear panels on both sides, and an obscenity was etched onto the paint. The victim was given the case report and told how to obtain a copy of the report.


No insurance or registration

July 18 – While an officer followed a Chevy Blazer with expired tags down Hwy. 144, the tag was run as "no longer assigned to be on the vehicle," with a different tag assigned to the Blazer. The driver gave the officer a military ID and a USAA proof of insurance with two different names. USAA stated the Blazer was no longer insured, and the driver admitted that she knew the vehicle did not have valid insurance. The vehicle was also still registered to another owner, and the officer explained it would have to be towed. The woman was cited for no insurance, no license on person, driving an unregistered vehicle, improperly transferred plate, and displaying a tag to conceal or misrepresent.


Terroristic threats

July 18 – A woman told officers she was having a problem with her daughter. After her daughter asked to borrow her car, the woman said she was leaving to go to work and told her daughter no. The daughter allegedly "grabbed the door and slung it open, which caused the doorknob to bust through the sheetrock on the wall." After returning home from work, the complainant found her daughter had "shattered a lamp in the living room, then punched the Grandfather clock, busting the glass." At that time, the daughter supposedly grabbed two butcher knives and told her mother "If you call the police, I will stab you." The officer next spoke with the man leasing the residence, who said the daughter was extremely upset over not being able to use the car, and warned him to call 911 because she would "tear [the] house apart." The daughter admitted to the property damage, and was arrested for criminal trespass and terroristic threats.


Theft by conversion

July 5 – While out of town from June 27-July 10, a man left his landscaping business in the hands of one of his employees. On July 5, the employee received payment from customer services provided by the landscaping company. The customer wrote the employee a check for $250, but left the name line blank. The employee apparently took the liberty of making the check out to himself, and cashed it at Southern Wine and Spirits. The business owner said he is willing to give the employee "ample time to make restitution or he will press charges."

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