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As the Pembroke Turns
bryan county sheriff even larger

A disagreement between two couples that reads like something from a soap opera was the cause for a recent Bryan County Sheriff’s Office report.

A deputy Saturday was dispatched to an apartment complex in Pembroke where a couple complained about being harassed and stalked by another couple. The complainants said they believe the other couple was responsible for an envelope found on the windshield of their vehicle in mid-August that contained a nude photograph of the female half of the complainant couple along with allegations that she had been unfaithful.

The complainants said they were told by the male half of the other couple not to file a police report because “he knew several people that worked there and nothing would happen since he works for the Fire Department.”

The female in the complainant couple went on to say that the male half of the other couple had told her he was getting divorced and wanted to pursue a relationship with her, going so far as to show up at her residence uninvited and contacting her on various social media.

The complainants were prompted to contact deputies on Friday after they were told by mutual friends that the other couple was upset they had unfriended them on social media and had threatened to post to social media the earlier accusations about infidelity.

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