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Arrest for threats over stolen drug money
Sheriff's department reports
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March 10 – An Ellabell man was working on his friend’s truck in front of his friend’s house on Harvey Town Road in Pembroke when two men walked up to him and his friend. The man told deputies that one of the men “pulled a handgun out stating he was going to kill everyone.” The man told Deputy Robert Crapse that he and his friend ran into the house and the alleged gunman and his partner drove off.
Deputy Christopher Boatright spotted the vehicle down the street and pulled the men over. The alleged gunman said “he was over at the residence to seek money that had previously been stolen from him in an earlier narcotics transaction.” A firearm was not found, but the man was arrested for terroristic threats.

Theft by taking
March 9 – Deputies pulled over a truck hauling scrap metal on Hwy. 204 in Ellabell. Deputy Ernesto Nieves asked the driver, a Bloomingdale man, where he got the metal. He replied on a property that “looked abandoned.” Upon further questioning, the driver and his passenger admitted to not having the property owner’s permission to remove the metal. Both were arrested for theft.

March 6 – Deputies responded to the Strathy Hall Curve on Hwy. 144, where a Richmond Hill man wrecked his vehicle while turning. Deputy John Breen reportedly smelled alcohol on the man’s breath. The man was arrested for DUI after failing a sobriety test.

Counterfeit money

March 5 – A store clerk at the Ellabell Parker’s gas station called the Sheriff’s Department after receiving a counterfeit $50. The clerk told Deputy Ken Squires that the woman who presented the bill “got upset and left” after being told she had to keep the bill in order to turn it over to authorities.

Theft by taking
March 6 – A man living on Hwy. 204 in Ellabell called the Sheriff’s Department to report that numerous items, including a washing machine and air compressor, were stolen from his property. The items were reportedly traced to Price’s Junkyard on Hwy. 204. The junkyard had the Bloomingdale resident’s identification on file who presented the items. The matter was turned over to the investigative unit.

Animal complaint
Feb. 26 – A woman reported that she was walking her dog in the South Bryan Marsh Harbour subdivision when another dog attacked hers. Neighbors told Deputy Bryan McGuire that the dog has a history of attacking other dogs. Animal control was informed of the report.
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