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5-year-old injured in dog attack

A 5-year-old Bryan County girl suffered multiple injuries when a dog attacked her Sunday afternoon, according to the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office.

An American bulldog bit the girl in the face, causing “a large open wound to her left temple, a large wound on the right side of her head and several puncture wounds to her lower jaw and the right side of her face,” the BCSO report states.

Bryan County EMS took the girl to Memorial Health University Medical Center for treatment.

The dog’s owner told BCSO deputies that the girl had been playing with her son and daughter in the front yard of her home on Holly Hill Road. The dog ran out of the back yard when the woman’s 6-year-old son moved a tire that was keeping the gate closed, she said.

The bulldog “immediately attacked the victim, biting her in the face,” according to the report. The girl did nothing to provoke the animal, the owner of the dog said.

The dog reportedly did not let go of the girl until a friend of the dog owner pulled the animal off of the child. He then took the dog inside the house and locked it in a bathroom.

The owner told deputies that the dog “has always acted aggressively toward anyone on their property who is not a family member or close family friend,” according to the report. She added that, about a week earlier, the dog had attacked a puppy that wandered over to her home.

Bryan County Animal Control officers took custody of the dog. The owner said she wanted them to put down the animal.

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