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4-wheel riders arrested for allegedly fleeing a subdivision and eluding cops
Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports
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Fleeing and eluding

Feb. 17 – Police were tipped off by a resident about some suspicious activity around the Wilma Edwards Road area, in the Hidden Creek subdivision. The man said he heard two 4-wheelers come into the area, but that they hadn’t left.

The deputy pulled into the subdivision and reportedly saw the 4-wheelers leaving at a high rate of speed.

The officer followed them out to Wilma Edwards Road, reportedly catching up to the slower 4-wheeler, which was going 90 m.p.h., until they both pulled off into a hunting club. Both 4-wheelers had female passengers.

The officer attempted to cut them off but ended up seeing a pickup drive by with the 4-wheelers on its trailer, two males in the front seat and two women in the back seat. The officer pulled them over and arrested the two drivers.

Deposit fraud

Feb. 14 – A Pembroke resident said the offender gave him a check for more than $600 for items he had purchased from him. He said he contacted Wachovia and was told the account wasn’t valid and the check was no good. The man said he talked to the offender several times on the phone about making good on the check, and the offender said he could make partial payments. The complainant said he wouldn’t accept partial payments and wanted to secure a warrant against him for the bad check.


Feb. 19 – SunTrust faxed the complainant information about several bad checks cashed by the man’s son. Two checks were cashed at Walmart in the amount of about $500 each, made out to the man’s son on the complainant’s company checks. The man said his son also tried to cash one of the checks at a liquor store in Richmond Hill and they called the company to verify the check, which he refused. The boy admitted he made the checks out and cashed them for personal items. The man said he’d give his son one week to pay back the money or get warrants for his arrest.

Animal complaint

Feb. 21 – An Ellabell resident said several
dogs had come into her yard and killed her two pet rabbits. The responding deputy saw the dogs, which were still in the woman’s backyard. It was a large yellow lab and three smaller black dogs. The woman said she thought they belonged to one of her neighbors up the road and the report noted two of the dogs went back to the residence. The homeowner couldn't be contacted.


Feb. 15 – While patrolling Harris Trail, a deputy said he saw a gray truck pull out from Timber Trail and cross the fog and center lines a few times, so he initiated a stop. While the driver got his license and proof of insurance, the deputy reported smelling alcohol, so he asked the driver to get out and step to the back of his vehicle.

"He did so on unsteady feet. The driver had very glassy and bloodshot eyes. Driver had slurred speech as well," the report said. He was asked to take the field sobriety tests and reportedly lost his balance on several of the steps and failed the rest of the tests. He also refused to take a breath test. He was charged with DUI, refusal and failure to maintain lane with a court date of June 11.

Identity theft

Feb. 15 – A Richmond Hill resident said she was recently contacted by a collections agency in reference to someone using her name on an account with Bank of America. The complainant said she’s never had an account with them and spoke to the woman who handles fraud claims for Bank of America. She said she didn’t know who could’ve opened an account in her name, but was told by the bank that someone used her name to open a checking account, but had the incorrect address. She said her daughter is the only one who has her personal information, but hadn't used it to open an account.

Verbal threats

Feb. 15 – A woman said she wanted to file a report in reference to harassment. She said every time she visits her mother’s property, located at Wade Carter, the offender – who is also the complainant’s sister – verbally threatens her and throws things at her, telling her to leave the property, the report said. The woman said she wants to get an arrest warrant for her sister for the harassment and she was told how to pursue the charges.

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