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$14,000 stolen from trunk of man's car
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Aug. 17
Threats — A Richmond Hill man reported that his father-in-law threatened several times to shoot him or kill him.

The man said the two are having a disagreement about items he is trying to sell for his father-in-law, and the father-in-law accused him of planning to keep the money. The man told a BCSO deputy that his father-in-law takes medication for post-traumatic stress disorder from serving in Vietnam, and that he is mentally unstable and capable of carrying out the threats, according to the report.

Aug. 16
Burglary — Vandalism was reported at the concession stand at Hendrix Park in Ellabell.

A walker at the park reported that a window was missing from the concession stand. BCSO deputies investigated and saw that the window had been pushed in, and a popcorn machine and a few jars of pickles had been broken on the floor.

A North Bryan County Recreation Department supervisor said cash was missing from the storage room, as were bottles of Gatorade from one of refrigerators. The storage-room door had been locked but was found open and damaged, according to the report.

Theft — An Ellabell man reported that $14,300 was stolen from the trunk of his car.

The man told a BCSO deputy that he had taken $18,000 out of the bank two or three weeks ago and left the money in his car trunk because “he felt that would be the safest place for it,” according to the report. After he realized $14,300 had been stolen, he asked his daughter to take the remaining $3,700 to her home for safekeeping.

The man said a key to his car also was missing. “It seemed that everyone that lived in the residence knew about the money and its location,” the report states.

Threat — A Richmond Hill man alleged that either his wife or his wife’s boyfriend stole his .22-caliber pistol.
The wife told BCSO deputies that she had thrown the gun into the woods after her husband threatened to shoot her with it because she and the other man would not leave the property. All three people were intoxicated, according to the deputy.
The woman accompanied a deputy to retrieve the gun from the woods, but she stopped out of earshot of her husband and said she actually had the gun hidden in one of her boots. She reportedly said she was not trying to be deceptive and she simply didn’t want the gun left at the house.
The people involved voluntarily separated for the evening, the report states. The husband and wife were told they could pick up the gun from the BCSO in three days as long as they were sober.

Aug. 15
Speeding, obstruction — A Pooler man was arrested on several charges after being stopped for driving 76 mph in a 55-mph zone on Highway 280.

Along with the speeding citation, he was charged for giving a false name to the BCSO deputy who pulled him over. After the man gave his real name, records showed that his license was suspended for failing to appear in court and both the Pooler and Savannah Metro police departments had warrants out for him.

Aug. 14
Threat — An Ellabell woman reported that another woman threatened her and damaged her car.

The woman told BCSO deputies that she went to a friend’s house on Highway 204 and was verbally attacked by a woman who told her, “You better leave this house right now or I will (expletive) you up.” The woman got into her car and drove away as the other woman repeatedly cursed at her while hitting and kicking her car, according to the report.

Aug. 13
Assault — A Pembroke man reported that as he was riding his motorcycle on Highway 280 in Ellabell, a pickup-truck driver pointed a gun at him in an apparent road-rage incident.

The motorcyclist said the driver of a white Ford Ranger slammed on his brakes and then swerved toward the motorcycle, forcing it off the highway near Wilma Edwards Road. The two vehicles continued down Highway 280, and the pickup driver reportedly slammed on his brakes again and repeatedly blocked the motorcyclist’s attempts to pass.

As they neared the Interstate 16 overpass, the truck driver pointed a semiautomatic pistol with one hand while driving with the other hand, according to the motorcycle rider. The truck continued onto Eldora Road, and the motorcyclist lost sight of it, the report states.

The pickup driver was described as a man in his 20s. The BCSO determined the truck was registered to a Claxton man and turned the report over to detectives.

Aug. 11
Theft — A Richmond Hill man accused his sister-in-law of stealing $90 from his home while she was babysitting his children.

The man said he and his wife returned home from work and noticed $80 had been taken from atop their bedroom dresser and $10 was gone from a jar in the bathroom. The sister-in-law denied taking the money, but her husband reportedly told the accuser that he saw $80 in his wife’s purse after she babysat at the couple’s home.

Property damage — An Ellabell woman reported that a group of large dogs bit her car as she drove past a neighbor’s house on Frank Hendry Road.

A BCSO deputy observed several teeth marks in the front passenger-side bumper, according to the report. The deputy told the owner of the dogs about the damage they had done and informed her of the Bryan County leash law.

Aug. 9
Shots fired — A snake turned out to be the target of gunshots that were reported in a Richmond Hill neighborhood.

A Parkside Drive man told an RHPD officer that he fired his shotgun twice at a venomous snake that was on his back patio because he felt it was a threat to his family and animals. The officer saw the dead snake with two wounds from bird shot or snake shot, according to the report.

The officer cautioned the man about discharging a gun within the city limits. The man said he would “find alternative means” to deal with any threatening snakes in the future, the report states.

Aug. 8
Dispute — A Richmond Hill woman complained after her neighbor on Plum Orchard Court painted an orange line in her yard to mark their property lines.

The neighbor said he had looked at the county assessor’s office website to determine the line that separated their properties, according to the report. An RHPD officer told the man that the website is merely a guideline and they would need the property surveyed for accurate measurements.

The two property owners reportedly agreed to split the cost of a surveyor. The officer told the man not to spray paint another dividing line until the property is surveyed.

Aug. 6
DUI, suspended license — A Richmond Hill man was charged with his third DUI and for the fifth time with driving with a suspended license.

After pulling the car over because of an expired registration, an RHPD officer reportedly smelled alcohol on the driver. The man, who had two DUI convictions last year, “pleaded for a break,” according to the report.

The man’s eyes were bloodshot, his speech was mumbled, and he admitted to having drunk two 25-ounce beers that evening, the report states. A breath test indicated that he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.189 percent, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Marijuana possession, suspended license — A Midway man was charged with marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license after being stopped for pulling a trailer that had no tag and no working taillights.

A check of the driver’s information showed his license was suspended for several failure-to-appear violations, according to the report. The man told the RHPD officer he had just been arrested in Hinesville for the same reason.

The officer patted down the man and found a bag of suspected marijuana in one of his pants pockets, the report states. Also, several partially smoked marijuana cigars reportedly were in his pickup truck.

Aug. 4
Unruly person — A Pooler man’s morning progressively got worse after his car broke down on Interstate 95 near exit 90.

A check of his information showed he did not have valid insurance, according to the report. The man requested and received a ride from an RHPD officer to the Bryan County Health and Rehabilitation Center.

About an hour later, the facility called police to have him banned from the property for his disruptive behavior, the report states. The man was told he would be charged with criminal trespass if he returned to Bryan County Health and Rehab, and the officer gave him a ride to the TA travel center.

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