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$10,000 check bounces at tax office
Bryan County Sheriff's blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Bad check: The tax commissioner called BCSO on Monday to report a check for a tax payment bounced and the man who wrote it wasn’t answering telephone calls. The check was for $10,206.

Lost or stolen firearm: A man with a Richmond Hill address reported Tuesday his pistol was lost or stolen. The man said he wasn’t sure if he left the 9-millimeter Beretta on the hood of his truck and drove off or if someone broke into his vehicle and took it. "(The man) also stated that the gun could be packed away somewhere, as he is in the process of moving."

The man said he last saw the pistol six or seven days before reporting it to BCSO.

Theft: An Ellabell woman reported Monday someone swiped her riding lawnmower. "(She) believes one of her neighbors took her mower," the report said, noting the woman said a neighbor came to her house looking for his girlfriend and "(she) believes she came to her house looking for something to take." The woman said she’d already confronted the man about the theft, but he denied it.

Damage to car: A woman reported Wednesday she was driving on Highway 280 just outside Pembroke around 1 a.m. when her Hyundai "struck a large raccoon that ran out in front of her vehicle," the report said, adding that the collision damaged the front bumper and radiator, causing it to leak. The woman called her insurance company and a tow truck.

A raccoon?

Theft by taking: A Savannah woman called BCSO on Monday to report her "gun and pills were missing," a report said. The woman had parked her vehicle June 6 at Morgan’s Bridge on Highway 204 until she found a place to stay. When she got a motel room, she got her vehicle back and found the items missing. She suspected a friend who was helping her move took the gun and pills, and with the help of the friend’s father located the pill bottle "on top of the video game box and the box to the Glock pistol under the mattress," at his home. "She states that (the father) called (his son) and told him to get back home and return the items. The items still haven’t been returned."

Criminal trespass: A deputy was sent June 8 to an Ellabell address regarding property damage. There, a woman told him her husband "had become upset because he thought that she had lost their dog," the report said. "She stated that he flipped over furniture, knocked pictures off of walls, thrown clean clothing on the floor, had kicked over the vacuum cleaner, and then left."

The deputy noted he saw "overturned furniture, pictures knocked off of walls with their frames broken, clothing strewn about the floor, and a vacuum cleaner which appeared to be damaged."

The woman said her husband didn’t hit her, just damaged property. The deputy asked if either she or husband had been drinking, and she said "as far as she knew, he had only drank one beer, however, she did not know if he had picked up a six pack on the way home after work and had drank it while on the way home as he usually did."

She was advised of warrant procedures and available services.

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