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Police to seek indictment for assault
Donna Hodges

The Pembroke Police Department is pursuing an indictment against a suspect in the June beating of 70-year-old Pembroke resident Devon Morris, according to PPD Chief Mark Crowe.

On June 8, Morris was reportedly attacked while lying in his bed.

Crowe said three people entered and ransacked Morris' home in the early morning hours after breaking out the back window.

Morris reportedly was asleep when he was attacked and woke to find he was being beaten with objects lying around his bedroom, including a hammer and a fan.

Morris, who is on oxygen and does not own a telephone, reportedly walked a half block to his friend Gabby Hall’s pet grooming shop. There he implicated Bulloch County resident Donna Hodges as one of his attackers.

Morris has been hospitalized since the attack due to pneumonia as well as a brain injury sustained in the attack.

Crowe said he is seeking an indictment rather than an arrest warrant against Hodges because he has yet to be able to conduct a full interview with Morris. He said he went to see Morris this week, who was not able to converse as he was hooked up to a narcotic drop due to his brain injury.

"So we’re going to run it through the DA’s office and hope it will come before the grand jury in November," Crowe said. "We had an officer at the scene that heard Morris accuse Hodges, and we think that will be enough."

According to the police report, Morris told police "she was hitting me with a fan and saying ‘you will remember Donna Hodges’ … I’ve been giving Donna money to pay her bills and probation fines since last year, now that Gabby is taking care of me, I was told not to be giving her money, and she got upset and came back…with two other people, but I could not tell if they were men or women."

Crowe said the investigation continues and is hopeful that all three of Morris’s attackers will be brought to justice.

Anyone with any information on this case is encouraged to call the Pembroke Police Department at 653-4414.

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