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Police seek escapees
Richmond Hill Police Department logo.jpg

Authorities are searching for three inmates who escaped a transport van shortly after 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the TA Truck stop at exit 87 in Richmond Hill, according to Richmond Hill Police Department Lt. Brad Sykes. 
Sykes said one white man and two white women escaped on foot.

The three, identified as Hope Arment, Tabitha Cox and Sean Henley,  were not wearing prison uniforms.  Canine units from the Liberty County Sheriffs Office as well as Bryan County and the Department of Natural Resources are searching the area of the TA truck stop area for the inmates.

Stewart  Cottingham of the Southeast Fugitive Task Force were being transported by a private company, and were not federal prisoners.

Cottingham said this method of transportation for prisoners is used by states and local jurisdictions for extradition transfers, and explains why they were wearing regular civilian clothing. 

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