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Police beat: Customer gets irate over late food
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From the Bryan County Sheriff's Department:


Credit card fraud

Jan. 12 – A Richmond Hill woman called the Sheriff’s Department after noticing a charge made on her credit card from Dillard’s at Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall. She said she did not make this particular purchase and cancelled her card after seeing it.


Harassing phone calls

Jan. 11 – A Richmond Hill man reports that a woman that identifies herself as "Karen" calls him at least once a week, saying he is the father of her child and she wants to meet him. The man told Deputy Susan Carrington that there is no way he has a child by her and the calls have been coming in for almost a year now.



Jan. 11 – A Pembroke man on Cypress Bay Loop reported that someone broke into her neighbor’s house and stole a stove and a toilet. She said her neighbor moved away but still owns the home.


From the Richmond Hill Police Department:


Public drunkenness

Jan. 14 – Officer Dale Kirkland arrested an intoxicated pedestrian after observing him stumbling while walking in the middle of the road around midnight on Sandpiper Road, in the Piercefield Forest subdivision.


Matter of record

Jan. 14 – A Waffle House employee told police a female customer went on a loud cussing rant around 8 p.m., claiming her food was not prepared in a timely manner. Another customer, who was dining there with her four children, asked the woman to watch her mouth. The employee asked the loud customer to leave and called the cops.

Officer Donnie Crosby approached the woman outside the restaurant. She told Crosby she needed the number to "the corporate office of Waffle House" as well as the names of all the employees. Crosby told the woman to leave or be arrested. She then told Crosby she would be reporting him to RHPD Billy Reynolds the following day.

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