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Plans and hopes
With 2009 knocking on the door, we asked community members for their New Years resolutions:
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Don Cutts, Black Creek: "I’m a teacher at Jenkins in Savannah. My resolution this New Year is for all of my students to pass the Georgia State Economics End of Course Test."


Derrell Newman, Pembroke: "I gotta quit eating so much and lose some weight."


Sean Strickland, Richmond Hill: "I plan to make the time to work out more to get in better shape in 2009."


Billy Albritton, RIchmond Hill: "I can’t think of a resolution off the top of my head, but I can tell you what I’m looking forward to in 2009. I’m looking forward to the city elections and all the troops coming home. I’m also hoping for an economic recovery in 2009 because that affects all of us."


Tony Welch (Bryan County YMCA Director): "I hope to expand our services to the community in 2009, with larger facilities and more programs. We’re moving forward and look to have outstanding progress in the New Year. I hope everyone keeps us in their prayers for expansion with a new facility."


Ray Fowler, RIchmond Hill: I plan to remain committed to the fact that New Year’s resolutions are more like everyday resolutions to me, and that is to live a life of integrity and faith. I’m not committed enough to commit to any one certain thing for a year."

Joe Kendrick, Pembroke: "I don’t usually make resolutions because I break them, but this year, I am going to try to quit smoking."

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