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Official election results are in for Bryan County
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The official voting results in Bryan County for the presidential primary election are in.

Overall, the county voted in favor of John McCain on the Republican side, with 1,316 votes, and Barack Obama on the Democrat side, with 1,077 votes. Statewide, 66 percent of Georgia Democrats voted in favor of putting Obama in the White House.

Bryan County Probate Court Sam Davis said Super Tuesday went well locally.

“There were no glitches, everything went really well with the voting machines,” he said. “Fortunately we’ve never had any problems with them, since 2002 when the state introduced them. They’ve worked really well for us.”

Davis said they encountered the usual problem of some people not realizing which precinct they were supposed to vote in.

“The only problems were people not knowing where they were supposed to vote and they were at the wrong place. Some people get confused, thinking the same place they voted in the city election is where they vote for a county election,” Davis said. “But those aren’t really issues, it’s normal for that to happen.”

This election was the first major election where Georgians had to bring one of the required forms of identification, but Davis said there were no problems there.

“We only had four provisional ballots cast. What that means is, if a resident’s name is not on the list but they think they’ve registered, we let them vote. And then the registrar has two days to verify whether or not the person did official register," he said. "Another example of a provisional vote would be if someone doesn’t have acceptable ID, they can vote provisional and then they have two days to bring us ID and prove their residency. But for this election, we had no photo issues at all, as far as I’m aware of.”

While the polls closed at 7 p.m. on Super Tuesday, some of the Bryan County results still weren’t in at 9 p.m. Davis said the setup of Bryan County is the cause of that time delay.

“Since we’re split by Fort Stewart, there’s always one late precinct. When polling managers bring their memory cards from Richmond Hill to the office, it’s the transportation from Richmond Hill to us that takes a little while. It happens in all elections.”

Here are the final counts in Bryan County:


Republican candidates:

Rudy Guiliani – 18

Mike Huckabee – 922

Duncan Hunter – 2

Alan Keyes – 7

John McCain – 1,316

Ron Paul – 108

Mitt Romney – 1,247

Tom Tancredo – 1

Fred Thompson – 13


Democratic candidates:

Joe Biden – 12

Hillary Clinton – 984

Christopher Dodd – 1

John Edwards – 52

Mike Gravel – 3

Dennis Kucinich – 7

Barack Obama – 1,077

Bill Richardson – 6


Here are the final counts in Georgia, as of 1 p.m. Wednesday:


Republican candidates:

Rudy Guiliani – 6,937

Mike Huckabee – 322,386 (34.1%)

Duncan Hunter – 2745

Alan Keyes – 1,437

John McCain – 298,364 (31.5%)

Ron Paul – 27,392

Mitt Romney – 285,294 (30.2%)

Tom Tancredo – 321

Fred Thompson – 3,332


Democratic candidates:

Joe Biden – 2,465

Hillary Clinton – 318,516 (31.2%)

Christopher Dodd – 870

John Edwards – 17,701

Mike Gravel – 914

Dennis Kucinich – 2,033

Barack Obama – 676,127 (66.3%)

Bill Richardson – 1,831

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