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October's jury list
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State Court trial jurors were drawn Sept. 30, 2010, by Bryan County Clerk of Courts Rebecca G. Crowe for the October Term 2010 of the Bryan County State Court.
Jurors are to report October 18, 2010 at 8:15 a.m.
If your name appears on this list and did not receive a summons by mail, please contact the Clerk of Superior Court office at (912) 653-3872 to verify mailing address and contact information.
Also, due to the possibility of cases being resolved prior to jury selection, call the clerk’s office after 5 p.m. the day prior to your reporting date to confirm that your attendance is still required. No compensation will be paid to jurors unless the jury pool is actually impaneled.
Jurors to report on Oct. 18  at 8:15 a.m. at the Bryan County Courthouse located at 151 South College St., Pembroke, are as follows:

Debora K. Acord
Linda Dianne Adams
Raymond T Akins
Harnitha Alexander
Joseph Argroves
Kathryn T Barker
Harvey Barnard
Michael R Barr
Cathy A Barrett
Tricia Lea Barrett
Laura Edith Bellavigna
Melissa Buchans Bene
Shelena R Bentley
Mabel Merritt Body
Barbara Bostick
Marilyn Bowen
Darlene Bragg
Greene Bryant Jr
Rhonda Bryant
Peter G Buhles
Randall Osburne Butler
Laura Cabrera
Chester Keith Callan
Jeffrey Carter
Glenn M Christian
Brandy L Cleary
Daphne Roxanna Covington
Virease F Daniel
James Clinton Davis Jr
Jan Davis
Rebecca Davis
Michael A Delcampo
James Lee Dukes
Dolvin W Dunn
Mary V Evans
Chandra Lavell Fields
Timothy Lee Fleming
Rebecca M Forbes
Mitchell Eugene Freeman
Debbie Eugenia Frost
Alvin Donald Futch
Gayle B Gapac
Gordon B Gardner
Keith L Garrison
Mary A Garrison
Evelyn Ann Gilpatrick
Jimmy Lee Gordon Sr
Patricia  Roberts Haire
Michael Keith Hall
William Kurt Hammesfahr
Angela S Harn
Tammy Sue Harper
Carmen E Harvey
Carmen Haselrig
Margaret E Hendrix
Beth A Hester
Kenneth Michael Hibbs
Albert Wesley Hill
Eleanor E Hills
Mark G Hollmen
Brenda Hooks
John Hoskins
Jean Elizabeth Humphreys
Regina Ann Humphries
Deborah H Hutson
Arteah Mitchell Jefferson
Thomas Roger Jenkins
Raymond D Johnson
Tracey A Clark Johnson
Benny J Kangeter
Jean Verburg Krainin
Henrietta P Lee
Robert M Letta
Cesar Luis Lopez
John Daniel Lynn
Adrienne M Malone
Robert Lee Massey Jr
Melodie L McNamee
Melanie McStravick
Teresa A Merritt
Pamela Minter
Ramon Miranda
Tamala Montgomery
Annette B Newton
Angela Nicholson
Theresa Ann Norris
Carol Ellen Obenshain
Evan Page
Marie Davis Patterson
Deloris Ann Pevey
Lyanne C Polk
Barbara Farr Powell
James Michael Rank
Albert J Reardon
Lisa J Roberson
Jeffrey S Rowland
Bobbie Simpson Rud
Jere L Settle
Darlene B Shuman
Pamela R Shuman
Stuart Silverman
Donna Marie Smith
Tammy Elaine Smith
Marie R Smokes
Denise T Sunggs
Danny Ray Spell
Melissa Gail Strickland
Sharon E Strickland
Andrew Strozzo
Donald L Thompson
Lennie Upshaw
Patrick C Wall
Ethel Washington
Mary Washington
William Marion White
Ward K Wilcox
Shirley C Wilkerson
Victoria E Wise
Karen Deangelis Yaun
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