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No comments at BoE meeting
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The new Bryan County Board of Education got off to a fresh start by putting its new chairman, Eddie Warren, into harness as their liaison to the national school board advocacy office.
Warren also will be visiting Atlanta this week to lobby for school causes, along with Superintendent Sallie Brewer and board member Mary Warnell, the group’s legislative liaison.
Some Bryan Countians had been eager to see if the board, with a new chairman and two new members, Joe Pecenka and Jeff Morton, would be more receptive to public comment than the previous board had been.
The policy had been to allow citizens who sign up in advance to address the board, but the board merely took note of their remarks, making no response.
Those hoping to see a change Thursday night were disappointed, because no one took advantage of the opportunity to speak to the board.
Veteran board member Billy Mock offered his opinion that the schools pressured teachers to sign contracts for the next school year too early. He said numerous people had questioned him about early signing dates.
“There is something wrong that we have to have them sign so early,” Mock said.
Board member Frances Meeks, a retired principal, said, “If we get out there first, we get the best teachers.” Mock, also a retired educator, said, “No, we don’t. Not necessarily.”
Brewer said the administration always worked with teachers who needed to resign their contracts, adding, “Most principals don’t want someone who doesn’t want to be there.”
Among personnel hired for the next school year, three caused abstentions among board members.
Warren did not vote in the choice of his wife, Lori, to continue as the system’s technology director. Pecenka abstained when his wife, Julie, was named teacher at Richmond Hill Middle School and when his mother, Donna Jean Pecenka, was named counselor at Richmond Hill Primary School.
During the time allocated for board members’ comments, Mock said, “I have a comment . . . for private.” Perhaps on the same unknown topic, Meeks said, “If he’s not going to be a troll, I won’t either.”
The Richmond Hill Academic Team members were honored with plaques for their success in advancing to the semi-final competition.
Members are Jared Butler, David Littman, Robert Wright, Clay Lucas, Emily Fischer, Emily Li, Brianna Cota, Isaac Taylor. Caleb Ingram and Jeff Jordano.
Coaches are Tom Candelario, Chip Eckwall, John Melcher and Allen Lynn.

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