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Members of Spike TV race team get ticketed in Richmond Hill
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Eleven cars participating in Spike TV's Bullrun were stopped in Richmond Hill Wednesday for allegedly speeding and racing on I-95. - photo by Luke Hearn

The Georgia State Patrol put the brakes on a group of cars allegedly racing down Interstate 95 on Wednesday.

According to Richmond Hill Police Chief Billy Reynolds, members of Spike TV’s Bullrun cross-country car rally team were stopped in Richmond Hill by State Patrol officers for allegedly speeding and driving erratically. The cars were pulled over at the Hwy. 17 exit.

"There were reports of the group driving erratically and they were stopped here," Reynolds said. "They were clocked at high rates of speed and stopped for racing on 95 and we’re assisting."

Sgt. Chad Riner, Commander of the Georgia State Patrol post in Rincon, said 11 cars were stopped by the state patrol and arrested for aggressive driving and racing. Each car had a passenger in it.

"We had gotten numerous complaints from other drivers on the road," Riner said. "There were two troopers sitting in the median and they clocked the first few cars at 118 mph. (The cars) slowed down when they saw the troopers, who then got in front of them and flagged them over."

Riner said the group of cars was coming from Savannah on their way to Orlando and that Bryan and Chatham County 911 operators had received numerous calls reporting the cars driving

"After we received those calls we went out there to try to prevent them from driving aggressively," Riner said. "We used our officers as a deterrent."

Riner said the cars were taken to the Richmond Hill Police Department where the drivers, who were taken there by police, had to post a cash bond and were subsequently released. He said the drivers paid their fines and didn’t give officers any trouble.

"They were very humble," he said. "They paid their fine and went on their way."

After the drivers left Richmond Hill, Riner said some had more encounters with other state patrol officers, but he didn’t know the nature of why they were stopped.

According to their web site, Bullrun is an annual cross-country car rally to raise money for charities that takes place over a week. Nearly 100 drivers make their way from different checkpoints, stopping each night for parties in various cities on their way to their final destinations. The site says the Bullrun rally "is not a race," and that all drivers must abide by all highway regulations.

The web site indicates the most recent rally was ended Friday in Key West, Fla. The site says is began in Montreal, Canada on May 12.

Bullrun’s media relations department did not respond to a request for comment.

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