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Neos coming to Hendrix Park
Large NEOS

Hendrix Park is getting a new piece of equipment that promises family fun.

The Neos, a large, colorful, outdoor electronic play piece that encourages eye and hand coordination along with aerobic exercise, will be put in near the tennis courts and ready for play in early February, according to Pratt Lockwood, recreation director of Bryan County.

The recreation board gave the project a thumbs up at a cost of approximately $42,000. It's being sponsored by Bryan County, Hendrix Park, the Hendrix Park Youth Association and the Georgia Department of Health to encourage families to get active, according to Bryan Woods, recreation board member and soccer coordinator for Hendrix Park.

Woods said the Georgia Department of Health donated $10,000 toward the Neos at Hendrix Park and will donate another $10,000 for one in Richmond Hill.

"We thought it would be a good way to encourage families to come out and enjoy the park even if they don't play sports." Woods said. "Hendrix Park a lot to offer. We want it to be a family friendly place with more family activities."

Lockwood said he had seen information on the Neos and saw a demonstration set up at a Georgia Recreation and Park Association conference over a year ago where he was able to play and have fun with it.

"I was out of breath when I was finished. It's big, it's interactive and you're constantly in motion playing it. It has beginner, intermediate and advanced levels so all ages can play. I believe everyone is really going to enjoy it and that a lot of people will use it." Lockwood said.

According to Woods, the Hendrix Park Neos is the first to be installed in the Southeast region.

"No one in any of the surrounding states has one and there are no others in Georgia. We're the first to get one, and we are very excited about it." He said.

Hendrix Park will have a kick off event for the Neos on Feb. 14 where everyone is encouraged to come out and see the fun it has to offer. The park is sponsoring a draw and color contest for ages 4 to 15 for a chance to be among the first to play on that day.

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