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Winn opens pediatric pharmacy
0514 pediatric pharmacy 2
Col. Cheryl Filby, chief of the department of pharmacy, Col. Paul Cordts, commander of Winn Army Community Hospital, Jennifer Mummert and her son, Donovan, cut the ribbon Monday to open the Pediatric Pharmacy at Winn. - photo by Photo by Mindy Anderson
Winn Army Community Hospital officially opened the doors of its Pediatric Pharmacy with a ribbon cutting ceremony May 3.
The creation of the pharmacy is a result of feedback from the Fort Stewart community — many customers said they were not happy with  pharmacy wait times and the inconvenience of having to wait for prescriptions after an appointment.
“As commander, I want to know what patients are thinking about the medical services we provide here at Winn and I want to know how we can better support Fort Stewart soldiers, family members and retirees,” said Col. Paul Cordts, commander of Winn. “My staff and I are committed to providing the highest quality care available and it is my responsibility as leader of this organization to ensure we not only stop and take note of the feedback we are receiving from our community, but apply it as well.”
The Pediatric Pharmacy, which is in the Pediatric Clinic, was designed to enhance continuity of care.
“The pharmacy will allow patients to be seen by their provider and not have to leave the area to receive their meds, which is an added convenience for our patients. Incidentally, we filled 63 prescriptions Monday and have already filled 72 prescriptions midway through the second day,” pharmacy department Chief Col. Cheryl Filby said Tuesday.
Although it hasn’t been open long, the hospital already has received positive feedback from customers.
“We needed the pharmacy,” Jotara Sewomoo said. Crystal Yano said she’s happy with the pharmacy’s convenience and quality of service. And Francesca Bailey said the pharmacy makes things easier for parents and children.
Staffers are pleased as well. Other than the occasional staffing challenges, there’s really no downside to the pediatric pharmacy, Filby said.
“It allows for a more personable, one-on-one relationship between the pharmacist and the provider which is a win-win situation for the patient,” Filby said. “The providers are right there and can say to the pharmacist ‘Hey, can we do this for this patient?’ or the pharmacist can simply walk out the door to any of the providers and get a quick response from them as well — this is just a really good situation to help promote wellness, patient safety and, with respect to our family members’ time, get the patient in and out in a timely manner.”
Winn’s Pediatric Pharmacy is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. It’s closed from 12:15-1:15 p.m. for lunch.

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