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Watch out for military vehicles Saturday
Fort Stewart: More than 100 military vehicles on I-95
Fort Stewart display

(FORT STEWART, Ga.) – Motorists are asked to be alert for a convoy of more than 100 wheeled military vehicles that will be heading south on I-95 Saturday.

 The military convoy will maintain a speed of 50 miles per hour and stay in the far right lane where possible. The convoy will mainly consist of wheeled vehicles like trucks and HMMWVs; some of the trucks will be towing trailers with wide loads.

 Soldiers from forts Stewart, Bragg, Gordon, and Hood are participating in an emergency deployment exercise to be prepared to help state and federal agencies in the event of an emergency. The simulated scenario for the exercise is an earthquake in Jacksonville, which caused a radiation leak at a nuclear plant in Starke, Florida. The military convoy is part of the exercise.

 The 3rd Infantry Division’s higher headquarters, Fort Bragg’s 18th Airborne Corps, is overseeing the exercise. Participating in exercises like this validates the 3rd ID’s ability to respond to an emergency anywhere in the United States as part of a Department of Defense domestic contingency response force.

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