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Veterans can get service dogs free

K9 Battle Buddies, a nonprofit organization near Fort Stewart, is accepting applications from combat veterans who need service dogs to help them with PTSD/TBI.

The program is free to veterans willing to make the commitment to their dogs and the training.

"We can’t help Veterans if they don’t know that we are here and ready to help," lead dog trainer and founder Tony Durham said. "We need them to know we want to help them, and that the active life they have always wanted is still possible."

Durham and his wife, Patricia started K9 Battle Buddies in 2015, hoping to improve not just one life, but two. K9 Battle Buddies uses rescue dogs from animal controls and shelters and trains them to become service dogs for veterans. They match the dogs and veterans according to lifestyle. So they are essentially saving the life of a dog, and improving the life of a veteran, one match.

A link to the application for this program can be found on the K9 Battle Buddies facebook page:

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