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Post confiscating damaged ID cards
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Fort Stewart gate security guards began confiscating damaged and expired ID cards earlier this month.
“That is part of their duties,” said Fort Stewart spokesperson Kevin Larson. “They are our first line. They are a security force.”
Fort Stewart contracts with Wackenhut Services, Inc., for post security services.
Gate security guards have the authority to confiscate mutilated cards, like those missing a memory chip, or ID cards that have expired, Larson said.
He said the confiscation of ID cards ensures cards have not been lost or stolen and keeps card holders up to date.
ID card holders who have their cards confiscated will be handed a receipt to take to the Soldier Service Center at building 253 where they can have the card replaced. Those who make appointments to have their cards replaced will have precedence over people who walk in, post officials said.
Security guards will hand confiscated cards over to their Sergeant of the Guard at the end of each shift, Larson said. These cards will then be collected by the shift lieutenant at the end of the day. The mid-shift lieutenant will turn all confiscated ID cards over to post police, who in turn will pass them over to the respective ID card sections.
ID cards are issued to active duty military and their dependents, retirees and government employees.
Examples of ID card damage include missing memory (gold) chips, split or peeling lamination, damage that prevents the card’s identifying information from being verified or evidence the card has been altered.

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