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Midway scares off rezoning request
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Midway City Council, at its April meeting, unanimously rejected the recommendation of the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission to rezone the Eastwood Village Subdivision from R1 to R2. Council members were concerned about minimum lot size, a boardwalk in a common area of the development and mobile homes.
Engineer Trent Long, appearing with developer  Scott Stafford, told the council the lot size question dated back to when LCPC chief Sonny Timmerman and others were experimenting with using common areas such as playgrounds to help meet minimum limits.
Midway requires a minimum lot size of 15,000 square feet, but in the past smaller lots had been approved using a portion of the common areas to meet the size requirement.
“We don’t do it that way any more,” Long said.
Stafford said the R2 zoning would allow smaller front setback, 25 feet instead of 35 feet. Stafford said the change would “save some trees, huge, beautiful oak trees.”
The session became tense as council members asked question after question concerning the placement of the boardwalk, the uneven frontage that would be caused if some homes had a 25-foot setback and others had 35 feet, and whether mobile homes would be allowed.
Stafford said there were no plans for mobile homes and that they were ruled out by Eastwood’s covenants. This did not seem to satisfy members of the council. Councilman Terry Doyle said R2 zoning permitted mobile homes.
One resident, who spoke during the public hearing, Charlie Wells, said he was pleased with Eastwood’s requirement for single family homes. Questioned about the boardwalk by Mayor Clemontine Washington, Wells said it was beautiful.
Although no citizens appeared to oppose the rezoning, Doyle said he knew of eight residents who opposed it.
Doyle made a motion to deny the rezoning. It was seconded by Councilman Curtes Roberts. Before the vote, Stafford said he withdrew the request and he and Long left the meeting.
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