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Michael forms, expected to be Cat 3 hurricane before striking gulf coast
Georgia could see impacts from storm later in week.

Hurricane Michael is expected to strengthen and will put the northeastern Gulf coast of the United States at risk for a landfalling category 3 hurricane around the middle of this week.

Michael is expected to strengthen further prior to making landfall along the Florida Panhandle or perhaps around the Alabama Panhandle.

Chatham County Emergency Management Agency said potential Impacts to our area include:

* High winds (possibly tropical storm force winds)

*  Anticipated rainfall: 2-4 inches

*  Increased rip currents

* Coastal flooding 

* Beach erosion possible

* Extended power outages. Be prepared for downed trees

 Residents and business owners are encouraged to prepare their property and ensure that loose items are secured. Have a 3 day supply of food and water. Have a family plan.   Items to have on hand: Medicine and medical supplies, flashlights and batteries, battery operated radio, first aid kit, manual can opener and cash.

Florida's Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in northwestern Florida ahead of the storm.

Before reaching the Gulf of Mexico, Michael will bring a threat of flooding rain around the northwestern Caribbean. After landfall, the flood danger will spread over more of the southeastern United States and potentially into the mid-Atlantic and New England later this week.

The risk of damaging winds will gradually lessen after Michael makes landfall, but flooding rain can continue to expand across the South later this week. Flooding may also threaten the mid-Atlantic and perhaps southern New England

.Michael can deliver a swath of 4-8 inches of rain from the Florida Panhandle into a part of the Carolinas later this week. There can be an AccuWeather Local StormMax™ of 12 inches, mainly across the southern half of this zone.

Such rain can rapidly lead to flooding in low-lying, urban and poor drainage areas. Streams and small rivers can overflow their banks and flood neighboring land and communities. Runoff may lead to eventual rises on larger rivers.

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