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Meet Zach Broome, student, football player

Zach Broome is a 17-year-old junior football player at Richmond Hill High School.

Q: Did you grow up in Richmond Hill?

A: I moved here from Columbia when I was six, so I’ve been here pretty much all my life. I went to Calvary since the since the sixth grade, but I came back to school in Richmond Hill earlier this year. Last year, I just decided I wanted to come back and play football for my home town. I grew up in the rec, so I already know everyone here.

Q: What was it like growing up in Richmond Hill?

A: When I first moved here, it was really small. They didn’t have the city hall they have now or even J.F. Gregory Park, Publix or Kroger. It was nice. Everybody knew everybody. Everyone was really close growing up at the rec to where we were all best friends. I like the hometown feel here.

Q: Do you think those dynamics are still there?

A: I could tell it’s kind of gone off a little bit, but it’s basically still the same.

Q: You’ve been a dominant force on the Wildcat football team this year, but, unfortunately, you have just been sidelined for the rest of the football season due to a knee injury. How did it happen?

A: I was playing quarterback and was handing the ball off and the running back just got stopped at the line. The whole line fell over and fell on my knee, and my knee just went the way it wasn’t supposed to go. I tore my MCL, which put me out for six weeks. It could’ve been worse though.

Q: How much of a toll is that playing on you?

A: Of course, I’m disappointed. Auburn is interested and was supposed to come to one of our games, so it ruined that. I’m going to some post season combines, so hopefully they’ll catch up with me at some point. I didn’t have surgery. If you have surgery, that pretty much takes you off the books.

Q: How are your fellow players and coaches taking it?

A: They’re bummed out, but one man doesn’t make a team so I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’m still going to practice and working on my throwing.

Q: You’ll be back next season. Do you think next year will be a good one for Wildcat football?

A: Definitely. The program is on a solid track. The plays are there, the calls are there; we’ve just got to get into the weight room. In the region we’re in, the players are so much bigger than we are. If we can just get everybody focused and be in the weight room when the coach tells us to be, we can compete. We also need to keep our confidence up.

Q: What would you say to the people in the community that talk trash about Richmond Hill football?

A: They’re not out there at all the practices. We work hard. They only like us when we’re winning. I guess winning is everything? It would help if they support us. It would give us confidence and help us reach our goals. If we can get everyone to stop talking about what we could’ve done/should’ve done and focus on what we’re doing now, it could only help this program.

Q: What college and pro teams do you like?

A: I like Auburn - and not because they’re looking at me. I know Georgia and Auburn are rivals, but I like Georgia as well. I got invited to a camp there. I talked with Mark Richt and got to spend time on the college field, which was a good experience. As far as pro teams go, I like Atlanta and Tampa Bay. I used to go to a camp in Tampa Bay every summer. Keenan McCardell, who played for them when they won the Super Bowl, became a family friend after I went there eight years in a row.

Q: Where do want to play college ball?

I’ve really got my mind set on Colorado. This summer, or maybe before, I want to go to a camp up there to see if they’re interested at all because it’s kind of hard for them to come down here. They seem like they have a good program out there. Plus, I love the mountains and the cold weather.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show?

A: I usually keep it on Sportscenter or any kind of sports like football, baseball or even the X Games.

Q: Do you have an all-time favorite movie?

A: I really like "The Guardian" with Ashton Kutcher. It makes you want to be in the Coast Guard. There’s a skater movie called "Grind" that I like a lot as well.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: Newer alternative rock. Sometimes I like urban hip-hop. Not like the hardcore stuff you hear on the radio though.

Q: Do you have a favorite band?

A: I really like this band called North Star. I also like The Academy Is.

Q: If you could visit anyplace in the world, where would it be?

A: It would be cool to visit China and see the Great Wall. Or somewhere like Switzerland, the U.K. or Australia. Anywhere where the scenery is different than the U.S.

Q: What would you like to be when you grow up?

A: I like creating stuff. I think architecture would be fun. I would like to have my own business, but I don’t know doing what.

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