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Meet Lizzy Donker, our new intern at BCN
Lizzy Donker
Lizzy Donker

Editor’s note: Please welcome our newest intern, Richmond Hill High School junior Lizzy Donker. Her first assignment was to write a little bit about herself.

My name is Lizzy Donker, and I’m excited to tell you I am interning for the Bryan County News. I’ll start by telling you a bit about myself.

I am a junior at Richmond Hill High School, and I enjoy dancing, being a member of colorguard, being involved in my community and most importantly, I enjoy writing and have become interested in a career in journalism, specifically investigative journalism.

I see journalism as a way for me to express myself creatively while letting people know what is going on in our world and community.

I moved to Richmond Hill around four years ago from Ontario, Canada, and I am grateful for my experience living in both places and elsewhere, as I feel it has provided me with a unique perspective.

While I enjoyed my time in Canada, I’ve come to appreciate Richmond Hill. It is a close-knit community where it’s been easy to make friends and get involved in school and local life. I’m also active in my church, Compassion Christian, and I like helping others.

Along the way, I’ve come to understand there are usually two sides to a story and few things are truly black or white.

I find myself having a passion for discovering the truth, whatever it may be, and unbiasedly sharing it with others, which is something I believe takes a lot of integrity and is a job I hope I can effectively get done.

I am also looking forward to becoming more involved with this community and can’t wait to tell its stories.

You can reach me at

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