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Meet Eddie Polite
Owner of local barber shop and cab company

Eddie Polite, 57, is a lifelong resident of Richmond Hill. He owns two local businesses: Polite’s Barber Shop and Polite’s Cab Company.

What is your impression of this community?

I love it. I was born and raised here. I left for only a short time, while I served a tour in Vietnam. Richmond Hill is the best city in the world.

What makes it that way?

The people – their attitudes and personalities. It just don’t get any better than in Richmond Hill. Our police department deserves some credit too. They do a great job keeping us safe and keeping all the riff raff in tow.

You must’ve seen this place grow up quite a bit. Tell me about what is used to be compared to what you see now.

When I grew up out here, it was nothing but dirt roads and pine trees. Now you got paved roads and big stores and businesses and subdivisions.

What is your opinion on the city’s rapid growth?

I have seen this city grow, and I like what I see. I’m waiting to see the Wal-Marts and the K-marts, Lowe’s and all the big growth. Not too big – just convenient for shopping for city residents. And it’s coming; I see where we’ve gotten the Publix and the bigger Kroger and the Walgreen’s and CVS.

You own two businesses in Richmond Hill. How did all that get started?

I’ve owned the barber shop, which is next to the Waffle House and T/A Truckstop, for 30 years now. I started the cab company two years ago. I guess you could say I’m a one-man corporation.

Has it been a good business venture for you?

Very good. I enjoy what I do and I enjoy meeting people. Each one of my businesses involves dealing with the public. I’m a people person.

What inspired you to open a cab company in Richmond Hill?

A long time ago I used to be a city bus driver in Savannah, and I’ve always wanted to own a cab company. By Richmond Hill not having a cab company, I felt there was a need here. The way Richmond Hill is growing, it’s something we needed here for convenience, the elderly and those without their own transportation. The Savannah cab companies charge an astronomical amount to come out to Richmond Hill. I have a flat rate of ten dollars if you’re travelling within city limits, and it’s not much more outside of that. Just call me at 604-1857, and I’ll take you where you need to go without breaking the bank.

I think it’s safe to say that most people aren’t aware that Richmond Hill had a cab company.

Well, I’ve never done any advertising, so most of my business has been from word of mouth. I have a lot of regular customers.

Do you have any kids?

I’ve got four girls, two stepdaughters and a stepson. I lost a daughter in 2006 to cancer. I lost my wife in 2002 to a brain tumor. I just remarried two years ago to a beautiful lady, Edna. She manages the CVS in Hinesville.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to gospel and also old school, like Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross and the O’Jays.

Do you have a favorite television show?

In my house, there are two channels: my wife loves Lifetime and I love the Speed Channel.

What’s your favorite movie?

Any one of Tyler Perry’s movies. I love them.

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