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McNeal trial continues Wednesday
Assistant DA Cris Schneider shows crime scene photos to Joseph Taranovich.

Prosecutors wrapped up their case against George Cecil McNeal before lunch Wednesday. McNeal, of Ellabell, is accused of the 2005 slaying of Michael Taranovich. Defense witnesses were expected to testify Wednesday afternoon. McNeal claims the Taranoviches tried to rob him and he shot them in self defense.

Late Tuesday evening, Taranovich’s son, Joseph Taranovich, took the stand and testified McNeal killed his father after selling them marijuana.

Taranovich said McNeal was giving his dad directions to his house as they reached the entranceway to the 400 block area of Ellabell. He said his dad refused to go further because it was a dangerous part of town. According to Taranovich, that is when McNeal pulled the gun on his dad and started shooting.

Wednesday morning’s witnesses included the GBI medical examiner who did the autopsy on Taranovich. Dr. Jamie Downs testified that many of Taranovich’s wounds were defensive wounds and that he was shot while kneeling down and also while lying on the ground.

The trial is expected to continue into Thursday.

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