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Looking to the future
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The Richmond Hill Planning and Zoning Commission held a workshop on Jan. 12 to set goals for 2009.

Among the goals listed were utilizing and becoming familiar with the recently published Comprehensive Land Use Plan, to meet with council at least twice a year and to begin displaying agenda items on the large screen behind the commissioners in order to benefit those who wish to attend the meetings.

P&Z Commission Chairman Les Fussell said he’d like to see the board meet with the county and Pembroke planning and zoning commissioners.

"It doesn’t have to be about issues," Fussell said. "We’re all trying to do the same thing here, and I think there could be some benefits from it."

P&Z Director Steve Scholar said the two biggest projects likely for 2009 are Richmond Reserve and Colonial Marsh.

"We’re hoping they’ll get underway in 2009 because they’ll create some building permits," Scholar said. "They’re going to start doing some timbering over at Richmond Reserve. As far as Colonial Marsh, we’re waiting to see what their next step is. They’re doing their due diligence and we’ll see what comes up."

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