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Tour brings local ghost stories to life
Midway Cemetery laid bare Saturday
midway church eerie
Get a take Saturday on Midway history that is more eerie than most stories about the area. - photo by Photo provided.

Are you afraid of the dark, believe in ghosts? If you attend the Midway Museum Cemetery Tour on Saturday, you just might meet a local ghosts.

As the darkness descends through the massive oaks, you may see the shadow of Chloe’s ghost floating across the tombstones, as she carries the vial of poison she used to kill several of her mistresses. Find out more about this true story, as well as the violence between two slaves that happened in 1813 but left evidence that can still be seen? Do the bones of the slain man keep the wall from being repaired?

Come to the tour and hear the sad tale of Doctor Porter, whose coffin is being dislodged from its resting place by an oak’s powerful roots. Is it natural or supernatural?

The stories don’t end here, but you have to join the tour to discover what has haunted this cemetery for hundreds of years.

Learn more about the occupants of the Midway Cemetery both, celebrated and notorious, as costumed characters enact tales of adventure and history. Tours are at 6, 7 and 8 p.m. Reservations are required. Call 912-884-5837 or email at

Come early and visit the Midway Museum, across from the cemetery, which was designed to replicate an eighteenth century rice plantation house. Both are located just north of Highway 84 on Highway in the heart of historic Midway. 

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